To 4E or not to 4E?

To 4E or not to 4E?

I‘ve gotten this question a LOT over the last few months, with various gamers asking what condition my edition is in. All I’ve been able to say is that I don’t know until I hear more from WotC.

Well, we’ve heard.

For $5,000, Open Design could acquire a license to design and launch a 4E project like the “Free City of Zobeck” adventure/sourcebook for Gen Con. And I could add 4E content to the first issue of KQ after August 1.

The alternative is to keep going with 3.5 until January 1, 2009, or just keep going with 3E, period.

I’m not sure whether the Open Design community really wants this license or not. The issue has been polled to death, and there does seem to be a slight preference for 3E. But like everyone else, I’d love to have the option to review the material and make a more informed decision.

So, I’m asking the Open Design community for help, with contributions to purchase a license. If the contributions don’t add up to $5k by March 1st, you get a full refund of every penny.

If they do add up, any excess is refunded and Open Design buys the license. The patrons who made the 20 largest donations will be freelancers for that project, with access to rules material under a strict NDA. I hope you choose to support Open Design on this occasion.

Does this mean that Open Design is going all 4E? Well, no.

I expect to continue producing 3.5 D&D material as long as people commission it and as long as magazine readers want it. What this license does is allow the community a look at 4E. It also gives KQ the *option* to print official 4E articles, even if the magazine as a whole still offers material for 3.5 as well. My hope is for the best of both worlds.

Interesting times, folks, interesting times. I’m curious to hear what you think of it.

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