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800px-CometDonatiAs the second project in a series of public updates on Open Design’s current batch of patronage projects, presents The Red Eye of Azathoth, Open Design’s first Call of Cthulhu project.

The Harbinger Star Nears

The Red Eye of Azathoth project is now in full swing. The first adventure (of five) in this anthology has been selected by the patrons, and I’m pleased to announce that it will be written by none other than fan favorites Tim and Eileen Connors…

This first adventure will take place around the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne in 887 AD, and our investigators in the first scenario will play raiding Vikings who get wrapped up in the theft of St. Cuthbert’s bones.

Siding with the monks who inhabit the isle (and who were formerly prisoners of our stalwart Vikings), the investigators will have to unravel what’s going on with one of their own kin who moves to complete the first of five legendary black rites that will awaken the long-slumbering Azathoth.

So we’re starting off with a bang, and soon, the patrons will be selecting the second adventure in the anthology. It will take place in 1287 AD in Japan, and our reincarnated investigators play noble samurai tasked with preventing the second of the five black rites from being completed.

There’s still time to get involved and influence the design of what promises to be a fantastic collection of interconnected adventures for the Call of Cthulhu game system.

Come check The Red Eye of Azathoth out and sign up today!

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