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The Alchemist in Search of the Philosophers Stone (Artist: Joseph Wright)Not all healers are tied to a church; in some places there are surgeons, hospitalers, and village elders. The most refined healer not associated with a deity is the chemist. Combining superior alchemical knowledge with medical research, the chemist can create compounds, tinctures, salves, and extracts of vast power. The adventuring chemist adds arcane lore to healing skills and his or her potions can harm enemies as well as heal friends.

The chemist is compatible with either Swords & Wizardry or Labyrinth Lord core rules.

Requirements: WIS 9

Prime Requisite: WIS

Hit Dice: 1d6

Maximum Level: 10

Attack and Save Rolls: As cleric

Level Progression: As cleric

Shield and Armor Restrictions: None

Weapon Restrictions: Any 1-handed weapon. No missile weapons other than elixirs.


POTIONS A chemist can prepare a certain number of potions per day. When the chemist ingests these potions, he or she gains the power of the equivalent spell of the same name for one day. The chemist’s level acts as the equivalent caster level for the potion’s effects. If created but unused, the potion retains its effect indefinitely. The chemist cannot ingest more potions than he or she can create per day. It takes 1 hour to prepare the necessary compounds for each potion (to a maximum of 8 hours), and the chemist must be able to concentrate for this period of time with no distractions. He or she must also have access to a chemist’s kit to prepare any potions.


1 2 3 4 5
1 1
2 2
3 2 1
4 3 2
5 3 2 1
6 3 3 2
7 4 3 2 1
8 4 3 3 2
9 4 4 3 2 1
10 5 4 3 3 2

The chemist is also adept at identifying potions and has a 50 percent + chemist class level chance of identifying a potion he or she did not create.

A chemist can use any scroll, staff, or wand available to a cleric or magic-user with a success rate of 50 percent + chemist class level. If the chemist fails this roll, the item fails to work and its use/charge is lost forever.

In addition to potions, a chemist can manufacture a certain number of exploding elixirs each day. An elixir is thrown like a missile weapon with a range of 20 ft. and does 1d6 damage. At levels 1–3, the chemist can prepare 1+ his or her WIS modifier in elixirs per day. At levels 4–6, the chemist can prepare 2+ his or her WIS modifier in elixirs per day. At level 7 and above, the chemist can prepare 3+ his or her WIS modifier in elixirs per day and the elixir gains a radius of 10 ft. on impact. The chemist’s daily allotment of elixirs can be prepared in the same time that he or she prepares daily potions and under the same restrictions.

A chemist’s kit is a small, hardwood box that contains 50 empty potion and elixir vials and enough medical and alchemical components to make a total of 50 potions or elixirs. If the chemist attempts to create more potions or elixirs than is in his or her daily allotment, this represents a rush job. The chemist must make a save vs. spells at a –3 penalty for each additional potion or elixir, or the entire kit will explode, causing 6d6 damage within a 20-ft. radius. A chemist’s kit costs 2,000 gp. Fifty replacement vials costs 20 gp.

Upon reaching 9th level, a chemist can create new potions. The rules for potion creation are the same as creating magic items.


  1. Cure Light Wounds (CL)
  2. Detect Magic (CL)
  3. Hold Portal (MU)
  4. Light (CL)
  5. Protection from Evil (CL)
  6. Purify Food and Drink (CL)
  7. Read Languages (MU)
  8. Read Magic (MU)
  9. Shield (MU)
  10. Sleep (MU)


  1. Detect Evil (MU)
  2. Detect Invisibility (MU)
  3. Hold Person (CL)
  4. Invisibility (MU)
  5. Knock (MU)


  1. Continual Light (CL)
  2. Cure Disease (CL)
  3. Haste (MU)
  4. Hold Person (MU)
  5. Invisibility 10’ radius (MU)
  6. Protection from Evil 10’ radius (MU)
  7. Protection from Normal Missiles (MU)
  8. Remove Curse (CL)


  1. Confusion (MU)
  2. Create Food and Water (CL)
  3. Cure Serious Wounds (CL)
  4. Dimension Door (MU)
  5. Massmorph (MU)
  6. Neutralize Poison (CL)
  7. Polymorph Self (MU)
  8. Sticks to Snakes (CL)


  1. Conjure Elemental (MU)
  2. Dispel Evil (CL)
  3. Hold Monster (MU)
  4. Passwall (MU)
  5. Quest (CL)
  6. Raise Dead (CL)
  7. Teleport (MU)
  8. Transmute Rock to Mud (MU)

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