Tales of the Old Margreve takes your 5th Edition game deep into the ancient, magical forest, with new spells, monsters, magic items, and wondrous locations, a monster appendix, and twelve adventures for heroes level 1–10. Over 200 pages of adventures and forest secrets!

  • “Hollow” by Richard Pett
  • “The Honey Queen” by Jonathan McAnulty
  • “The Vengeful Heart” by Matt Corley
  • “Challenge of the Fang” by Dan Voyce
  • “The Griffon Hatchling Heist” by Michael Furlanetto
  • “Gall of the Spider Crone” by Tim Connor
  • “Blood and Thorns” by Dan Voyce
  • “Grandmother’s Fire” by Ben McFarland
  • “The Vengeful Dragon” by Steve Robert with Wolfgang Baur
  • “The Fingers of Derende, the Tongue of Derende, and the Heart of Derende” by Jon Sawatsky

Sharpen your blade and hoist your pack—it’s time to head into the forest!

And then dive into the Margreve Player’s Guide for 5th Edition give you everything you need to journey into the deep, dark woods and come out again alive—or achieve a hero’s death worthy of story and song! Here you’ll find:

  • Three new playable races from the deep woods: Alseid, Erina, and Piney
  • New barbarian primal paths for bearfolk characters: Hive Tender and Shadow Chewer
  • Forest-themed class options for clerics, druids, rangers, rogues, warlocks, and wizards, including the Circle of Oak druid and the Griffon Scout ranger
  • 13 new companion beasts, including everything from alligators and falcons to a giant mongoose, forest hounds, and rare stags
  • 6 new feats, and a new Forest Dweller background with a feral variant
  • 45 new spells, including shadow tree, legion of rabid squirrels, mark prey, and revive beast
  • New magic items, including bracelet of the fire tender, circlet of holly, and sickle of thorns

The gods speed you on your quest, heroes. Stay to the path! Beware the human‑sounding whispers from the shadows! And never, ever light a torch after midnight…


Pick up your copy of  Tales of the Old Margreve, Margreve Player’s Guide, and the Margreve Pawns now!

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