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Support Monsters Everywhere

Support Monsters Everywhere

King of the Monsters With Gen Con over, it’s time to turn our attention back to the cold, hard realities of everyday life. Monsters. Monsters don’t exist on their own. They need you.

We here at KoboldQuarterly.com believe strongly in monsters, and we support them every chance we get. This is why we established the King of the Monsters contest. This wonderful cause has brought much needed attention to their plight, leading to countless breakthroughs in our understanding of monsters everywhere—their life cycles, their societies, their need to crush those before them.

But don’t take our word for it. Just look at the spark. This creature languished in a void of non-existence. If not for Adam Daigle’s award-winning work with the creature, we would never have even heard of the spark. The vacant stare of its hosts; the crude attempts at communication using stilted, stolen words; the comical attempts at world domination—all of this could have been lost to us forever. Thank you, Adam. Your efforts have not been in vain.

But we can’t do this alone. We need your help. King of the Monsters 2 ends this Friday (8/13), just a few short days away! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Think about a world without monsters: how boring! Think about your fellow adventurers and worldbuilders: they have busy schedules and don’t always have the time to make monsters on their own! Think about yourself: and the awesome prizes and staggering fame!

Please, send your monsters to kotm2(at)koboldquarterly(dot)com. Only you can create new monsters, and the party they terrorize may be your own. Judges—Jason Bulmahn, Logan Bonner, Adam Daigle, Wolfgang Baur, and myself, Scott Gable—are standing by, and we want nothing more than to crown the next King of the Monsters to lord over us all.

Monsters—they’re just that important.

6 thoughts on “Support Monsters Everywhere”

  1. ahhhhhh, come on. my mother inlaw would make Godzilla run with his tail between his legs back to permanent hibernation. See how you are Hugo….:P

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