5th Edition Deep Magic: Chaos Magic Now Available

5th Edition Deep Magic: Chaos Magic Now Available

Deep Magic 5e - Chaos MagicUnleash the Madness!

The ability to channel and manipulate raw arcane power does not belong to sorcerers alone. A few wizards and bards have learned to dominate the chaotic energy of change itself, leading them along a narrow path that circles a pit of madness. Cling to the path, and avoid slipping into that roiling pit, and you will be rewarded with the power to alter reality through strength of will alone.

Deep Magic: Chaos Magic brings the secrets of chaos magic into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • A new Chaos Magic wizard school and a bardic College of Entropy
  • A random Chaos Magic Surge table, for those times when reality gets away from you
  • 17 new spells, including shifting the odds, entropic damage field, chaotic form, and more!

Whether you’re a wizard skirting the edge of madness, or a thrill-seeking bard who follows the path of the luck stealer, you live for unpredictability and danger. In fact, sometimes you feel more at home in the dungeon than at the inn…

Get Deep Magic: Chaos Magic for 5th edition at the Kobold Store today!

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