Hark! News From the Warrens!

Hark! News From the Warrens!

Kazoos both jubilant and sad are sounding from the warrens today because I have some rather sizable news.

Starting today, I am no longer your Editorial Director at Kobold Press.

Today, I start as Senior Designer on Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast.

I’m so very sad to leave the warrens. From Warlock and Warlock Lairs to Tome of Beasts 2 to Scarlet Citadel to Southlands and far beyond, I’ve enjoyed every moment of this careening mining-tunnel cart-ride. All of my fellow kobolds make such beautiful, screechy music together, and all of you, my scalies, have always joined in our fun.

However, as I polish up my scales and stride into that vaunted hall of wizards, I can see and hear so much more fun ahead. I’m so excited for this new ride and for all the wonderful new spells I might learn in those halls. What a fantastic opportunity this is, and I’m so grateful it came my way.

As for the kobolds, I know they’ll continue to cook up wild and wondrous gaming material for all gamers everywhere, and I know that I leave the warrens in good hands. And with wizards and kobolds such natural friends, nothing but excellence can spring from here!

Onward, my scalies!

5 thoughts on “Hark! News From the Warrens!”

  1. We are sorry to see you go Amanda! Your shoes will be hard to fill! Just remember, your great tosculi imitation will live on in our heads….forever!

  2. John Merle Holes

    Gone and then back and then gone again!

    I’m sure that many of us will be coming to visit you in the Domains of Dread until we may see you back again someday!

    Fare thee well, Amanda!

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