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Open Design to Write Official Paizo Adventure

Open Design to Write Official Paizo Adventure

SUNKEN_EMPIRESOpen Design has agreed to design an official adventure for the Paizo campaign setting of Golarion. The adventure will be called From Shore to Sea and will describe an ancient set of ruins off the Cheliax coast.

The project’s lead designer is Brandon Hodge, whose work on Halls of the Mountain King and strong pitch for Shores to Sea won him the role. “This is a grand opportunity for Open Design patrons to contribute to this incredible setting,” said Brandon. “I am both grateful and honored to lead this expedition through uncharted waters to finally reveal some of the secrets of Azlant — and create some mysteries of our own.”

Paizo staff will review this adventure to be fully compliant with the requirements of the official Pathfinder campaign setting. The print adventure will be fully developed, edited, illustrated and published by Paizo in the PATHFINDER Modules line in 2010.

In the same vein (but with a more general appeal), Open Design is undertaking a Pathfinder-compatible project called Sunken Empires. This sourcebook will provide adventure hooks, spells, monsters, and variant rules for exploring lost and sunken ruins in any campaign.

Patrons are currently being sought to contribute to this combined project. As a patron, you will receive both design and playtest opportunities as well as credits and copies of the finished works. Details after the jump.

Make Your Mark on Golarion
   1. Brainstorm, playtest, and contribute to the From Shore to Sea adventure
   2. Review the project feedback from Paizo’s editorial staff
   3. Credit as a project patron

Design New Magic and New Mysteries
   1. Brainstorm, create, and contribute to the Sunken Empires sourcebook
   2. Review project feedback from playtesters
   3. Credit as a project patron

Adventure and Source Material You Receive as a Patron
   1. A PDF copy of From Shore to Sea in the manuscript’s raw playtest form, for your feedback.
   2. A print copy of From Shore to Sea, a 32-page adventure, mailed to your home in May 2010.
   3. A PDF copy of Sunken Empires, a 64-page sourcebook, from the Kobold Quarterly store in 2010.

Sign up today! Participation in this project is limited to the first 600 patrons.

8 thoughts on “Open Design to Write Official Paizo Adventure”

  1. Varianor (Bill Collins)

    Optomistic, aren’t we? ;) Yes, you should be!

    What happens with patrons of the current adventure? Oh wait, it says, “details after the jump”. One leap,coming up.

  2. Congratulations Brandon! This is fantastic News.

    Can I ithdraw from this OD project? I am basically in for the adventure as I have not enough time to participate meaningfully in the design. And I am Supercriber at Paizo which means I will get Print and PDF copy of “From Shore to Sea” anyway.
    I like the “Sunken Empires” Sourcebook, but I must admit that I am loath to pay 24.95 USD for the PDF I can get for 9.95 later.

  3. Excellent news – especially about the free upgrade for current Patrons. Sunken Empires sounds awesome. Kudos, team!

  4. Fantastic!

    I was really worried about this, but it’s like a little dream come true. Thanks Brandon and Wolfgang!

    Also thanks to Paizo for be willing to work with Open Design!

  5. Kristian-
    Of course, you can withdraw at any time until the project is commissioned. Send me email and I’ll make sure you are refunded.

    And the $24.95 isn’t the price of the Sunken Empires PDF. It’s the price of the project access, print copy of Shore to Sea, playtest PDF of Shore to Sea, and PDF for Sunken Empires.

    But as a superscriber, I totally get where you’re coming from.

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