Open Design Podcast 6:
Laws, Connors, Macklin

Open Design Podcast 6:
Laws, Connors, Macklin

Despite the vagaries of illness and uncertain guests, the Open Design Podcast has delivered another fine — and free! — show. Regular John Wick delivers his Wicked Fantasy segment with style, and yours hosts are me, Rone Barton, and Ed Healy.

Our lead guest this time out is design innovator and legend Robin Laws (of GUMSHOE , the Dungeon Master’s Guide II, and Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering, among many others). He tells us about investigative adventures and player choices.

Tim Connors is known for “Siege of the Spider Eaters” in Dungeon Magazine as well as for his frequent articles in Kobold Quarterly, including the Belphegor, the Baron of Laziness and Invention and Ecology of the Vampire. This year, Tim was honored with a Silver ENnie Award for his contribution to Open Design’s Tales of Zobeck. Tim discusses the relationship between history and fantasy for both vampires and the Red Eye of Azathoth.

Ryan Macklin is lead designer on the Dresden Files RPG, and the creative force for three podcasts: Master Plan, This Just In… From GenCon and The Voice of the Revolution — with over 100 episodes to his name. He also maintains, a podcast RPG directory, and he’s got stories to tell.

As always, ODP gives away a prize and Wolfgang announces the next contest, so … The show is on!

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