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New Patron Project: Journeys to the West

New Patron Project: Journeys to the West

Journeys to the Westdear boss,
thanks for the swell job carrying out wastepaper baskets full of dead rats but i have run off with christina stiles we are hiring a crew on kickstarter to sail the western ocean and find fortune and glory she says there might be krakens and i don’t know what that is boss but it sounds like something i could take on pretty easy in a fight


That was the note Wolfgang found on his desk this morning, held down by a dead rat wearing a tiny sailor hat made of folded paper. Ever since Sunken Empires debuted, our kobold mascot Jiro hasn’t been able to shake off the lure of the sea. His dreams are filled with the crash of waves, the cries of seagulls, the heady scent of salt air and the passage of swift ships slicing through the waves, their holds laden with treasure from exotic ports.

And you know what? We’re right there with him. So we’re all packing our sea chests and heading over to Kickstarter to sign up for our latest Open Design patron project for the Midgard campaign setting: Journeys to the West: Fantastic Voyages in the Western Ocean for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Journeys to the West will be a seven-adventure anthology for levels 1 to 12. Patrons will join lead designer Christina Stiles (Unhallowed Halls, The Village of Briarton, Faery’s Tale) to:
Cover for Journeys to the West
• Populate and describe the city of Barsella, gateway to the Wine Dark Sea: its high towers and exotic markets flush with strange salvage pulled from sunken ruins and looted from cryptic derelicts.
• Delve into the mysteries of the Isle of Morphoi and the cults of the goddess of memory, whose sorcerer-priestesses wield water and ley-line magic against adventurers in ports and on remote isles.
• Take to the waves with new ship plans, and master the dangers of the unknown with new traits, feats, spells, incantations, and gear.
• Design unexplored islands where terrifying new monsters are worshiped as sacrifice-loving gods.
• Create haunted, treasure-laden ruins to test the mettle and sanity of fortune-seeking adventurers

Journeys to the West is designed for maximum use in any seafaring or edge-of-civilization campaign. All patrons may assist in brainstorming sessions and may add feats, spells, traits, and gear to the book. Senior patrons gain the right to pitch seven islands, six adventures, eight monsters, and eight pirate lords; and their successful pitches result in writing contracts.

So rally your crew, and hoist the sails! Fantastic voyages await!

15 thoughts on “New Patron Project: Journeys to the West”

  1. Tell Jiro and the others that I am ready to sail with them! Just signed! Awaiting your orders admirals Baur and Stiles!

  2. Huzzah!

    We’ll be leaving port soon, but first: Let’s go gather up the rest of the crew from the taverns, bordellos, flophouses, gambling dens, and teashops where they are surely lurking.

  3. Jiro and I are having fun gathering up the crew. Sorry I had to run off with him, Boss, but…uh, Jiro is a hero in need of adventure, and the seas are full of promise!

    Commodore Watcher Groves has joined us, and we have us a few Captains…cuz you know how we tend to lose those to sea monsters, so we asked for several as backup. Wasn’t that smart of us, Boss?

    As soon as we entice (waylay) enough sailors, we’ll raise the anchor and hoist the sails. Our explorations are gonna make you proud, Boss. Wait and see.

  4. I am so happy that some Midgard Campaign Setting discussions I could participate in with some small ideas has sparked this awesome project!

    I have no problem getting shanghaied to this Journey – count me in!

  5. I’ve booked passage for myself and my swarm as well. We’ll press-gang a few more in I’m sure. We also have plenty of new uniforms for the brave sailors in this fleet, they consist of fine red shirts… and brown trousers.

  6. I don’t know what game lines most of you enjoy, but I’m personally willing to create monster conversions for the project in the Castles & Crusades and Savage Worlds rules sets as I go along. These are the games I most play at gaming cons. Heck, Mutants & Masterminds is even a conversion possibility for me. Anyone play that with their fantasy games?

  7. Btw, Wolfgang and I are scheduled to do an online, text-only chat with Beautiful Brains Books and Games about this project and anything KQ or Open Design on Dec 1st @9:00 PM EST @ http://www.beautifulbrainsonline.com

    Please note that on your calendar. Friend us on Faceook and G+ to get updates. There will likely be some prize giveaways!

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