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Your Whispering Homunculus: Unusual Attire, Part Two

Your Whispering Homunculus: Unusual Attire, Part Two

Unusual Attire—Part Two

“You’ve changed your mind, master… it is master isn’t it?”
“Of course it is. Now tighten my corset, tie up this blouse, and help me put my tiara on or I’ll be late.”

Continuing our look at unusual attire, we come to the ladies…

Female Attire

  1. She’s dressed as some sort of pantomime giant slug
  2. She wears a gown of cunning and beautiful silks, held together with a hangman’s noose
  3. It appears she’s wearing a gown made from giant spider’s legs
  4. She’s wrapped in a blanket and has tied grass about her feet
  5. She wears a gown made of rats’ tails
  6. The buttons on her bodice are made of glass eyes
  7. Her crimson corset is woven with pigtails of human hair
  8. She wears a shawl made of sewn wolf pelts
  9. She is wearing a velvet jacket set with hundreds of dead flower-heads
  10. Her scarf is woven with images of you
  11. She wears a brown knitted coverall that conceals every inch of her flesh
  12. She wears a beautiful lace dress within which are scenes of people being eaten alive by giants
  13. Her gown is a storm of long living rags that dance in an unseen gale
  14. She’s dressed from head to toe in yellow
  15. Her skirt is made of leaves and her gown of bark
  16. Upon her shoulder are a trio of dead magpies, whilst her huge hat is made from a pelican
  17. Her travellers’ witzchoura is partially composed of sewn bear paws and is bound by a rope made of sinews
  18. Her magnificent purple dress is over twenty feet in length
  19. There’s a bird nest in her hat
  20. She’s dressed as a rook
  21. She wears a mask depicting an appallingly disfigured female face
  22. She wears a wedding dress behind which trail scores of inflated pigs bladders
  23. She wears a tight-fitting steel breastplate arrayed with spikes and pictures of hedgehogs
  24. She’s covered in the hide of a giant porcupine
  25. Her frock is woven with depictions of a besieged city full of people starving to death
  26. Though all her other clothing is incredibly bright, her headscarf is black and hung with dead squirrelsYour Whispering Homunculus
  27. She wears a dress made from sewn pigs
  28. She wears a gown made of sewn sheep, including their heads
  29. Her sari is made up of a confusing mass of oranges, yellows and purples that somehow seem to swirl giddily
  30. She’s naked but completely covered in henna tattoos
  31. Her overfrock is soiled with hundreds of bloody chicken claw prints
  32. A false halo hangs above her head, and her garb is made of silver
  33. Her abaya is made up of long dark human hair and black silks
  34. She wears a nun’s habit cunningly woven into which are runes and representations of stylized monstrosities
  35. She has painted herself violet and wears only a loincloth and oily wrap about her chest
  36. She has a black veil and her face is wrapped in black silk, her whole body is swathed in black cloth
  37. Her cloak is set with thousands of mother-of-pearl moons
  38. She appears to be dressed as a unicorn
  39. She wears a green gown and has a hat that resembles a crooked church steeple
  40. She wears a very fine riding coat hanging from the back of which is a bloody fox tail
  41. She wears a blue wedding dress and an executioner’s hood
  42. She’s dressed from head to toe in leather—so much in fact that you can only tell she’s a she by her outline
  43. Her mantle appears to be made from a cloaker skin with the head still intact and a large wax apple in its mouth
  44. Hat pins stick through her enormous gray wig, which becomes part of her curiously web-like clothes
  45. She’s wearing a bed gown
  46. Her badger stole keeps opening its mouth
  47. Hanging from her scruffy clothes by rope are scores of glass bottles
  48. Her lace shawl seems to have something crawling below it
  49. She wears a cork crown
  50. She wears an apron in the pockets of which are a dozen rats



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