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Last Day for Demon Cults & Secret Societies Kickstarter

Last Day for Demon Cults & Secret Societies Kickstarter

bb9a84795eed23ff794f170305b35699_originalYour local villains thank you! The Demon Cults & Secret Societies Kickstarter for 5th Edition and Pathfinder RPG has not only funded but has also added a pile of stretch goals, including two entirely new cults and their followers. It all ends on Halloween—today!—so join us… in taking over the world!

The Demon Cults and Secret Societies are a mysterious bunch that don’t like to share too much about their operations and their inner lore. But here’s a quick overview worth sharing.

The Burning Rune: Magical power from a rune of the North, and a fiery temperament.

Chosen of the Demon Bat: How does a demon bat gain followers? What do they want? Visit their nocturnal rituals, listen to their unholy song, and learn for yourself…

Creed of All Flesh: Undead and powerful, patient, willing to wait to crush foes–for all come to the grave eventually. The ghoul-cult of Midgard, revealed at last!

Cult of Selket: The scorpion goddess protects the weak, and destroys oppressors! All know this to be true. Any other gossip is met with a sting of rebuke.

Doomspeakers (with expanded anti-paladin rules): Vilest of the vile, scourges of the righteous, the doomspeakers are anti-paladins who seem to find some small degree of unity in their magic and delight in death and violence. Approach with extreme caution.

The Emerald Order: Learned, steeped in lore, and rightful keepers of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth-Hermes. those who cross them have a way of spontaneously disintegrating.

The Hand of Nakresh: Thieves in service to a demon-god of thieves! Scuttling, competitive, and able to steal just about anything in service of their own goals.

The Sanguine Path: Blood magic, ritual orgies, and consumption of blood as power. We’d share the details but they are quite… disturbing.

Servants of the White Ape: Arcanists from the deep jungle, haunted by an arcane disease. What do these Servants serve, and can they be dissuaded?

Weavers of Truth: Fey and prophetic, wise and meddling, the weavers of Truth know how to pluck the strands of fate to get what they want. Unlike some, their plots are quiet, unassuming, and often massively ambitious, changing fate and the world itself.

The Blood Sisters and the Night Cauldron… UNLOCKED!

Join us with your pledge today!


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