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Monday Monsters: Nihilimentis

Monday Monsters: Nihilimentis

abominationBred to exterminate all sentient life in the natural world, nihilimentii were created as living weapons in the ancient cosmic war between the gods and the primordials.  The psychic vibrations of intelligent creatures cause nihilimentii physical discomfort, driving them to a solitary existence.  In fact, other creatures’ perceptions of the nihilimentii create painful psychic feedback that forces the beasts into physical form.

At first glance, a nihilimentis appears as nothing more than a jittering smudge of ectoplasm.  As the viewer concentrates, the wispy material congeals into a vaguely quadruped conglomeration of haphazard, monstrous insect parts…

Nihilimentis Lore

Arcana DC 20:  Nihilimentii were created by the primordials to destroy the intelligent creations of the gods.  As deadly as any dragon, a nihilimentis lashes out at anything that pollutes its territory with psychic vibrations.  Only through intense concentration can one force the monster into solidity and have any hope of defeating it.

Arcana DC 25:  Nihilimentii were once part of a continent spanning swarm, but thankfully, the war and the eons have reduced their numbers significantly.  Nihilimentii are now solitary creatures, driven to the lonely corners of the world and desolate regions of the elemental chaos.

Nihilimentis (Level 15 Solo Controller)

Large elemental magical beast XP 6,000
Initiative +12 Senses Perception +16; darkvision
Mental Drone (psychic) aura 10; creatures in the aura suffer a -2 penalty to initiative; see also blink of an eye
hp 740; bloodied 370
AC 31, Fortitude 29, Reflex 29, Will 26
Saving Throws +5
Speed 8, fly 8
Action Points 2

[M] Ectoplasmic Claw (standard; at-will) ◊ Force
+20 vs. AC; 2d8+6 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)

[m] Brush with Nihility (minor; at-will) ◊ Psychic
+19 vs. Reflex; the target slides 1 square and suffers a -2 penalty to defences (save ends)

[c] Mindwipe Swarm (standard; recharge on 5, 6) ◊ Psychic
Close burst 2; +17 vs. Will; 2d6+4 psychic damage, and target is dazed (save ends)
Miss—target is slowed (save ends)

Blink of an Eye (immediate reaction, when an enemy within the nihilimentis’ mental drone aura ends its turn without spending a minor action to focus its concentration on the nihilimentis; at-will) ◊ Teleportation

The nihilimentis teleports to a square adjacent to the enemy and makes two ectoplasmic claw attacks; the nihilimentis becomes insubstantial until the end of its next turn

Alignment chaotic evil Languages Primordial
Skills Stealth +17
Str 23 (+13) Dex 20 (+12) Wis 18 (+11)
Con 20 (+12) Int 14 (+9) Cha 18 (+11)


A nihilimentis brutally slashes its foes with its quasi-real claws, leaving bits of twitching ectoplasm behind in the wounds. In combat, it closes with the nearest cluster of enemies, positioning itself to utilize mental drone and blink of an eye to the greatest effect.  It first attempts to weaken a pair of foes with brush with nihility before using an action point to blast them with mindwipe swarm.  While waiting for mindwipe swarm to recharge, the nihilimentis spreads its attacks to take advantage of the ongoing damage of its ectoplasmic claw.

Encounter Groups

Nihilimentii are typically solitary but have been known to tolerate the presence of barely sentient constructs, beasts, and undead in their lairs.

Level 18 Encounter (XP 10,000)

  • 1 balhannoth (level 13 elite lurker)
  • 1 clay golem (level 15 elite brute)
  • 1 nihilimentis (level 15 solo controller)

11 thoughts on “Monday Monsters: Nihilimentis”

  1. I do like this – having to concentrate to keep it from turning insubstantial is nice. Interesting twist that the larger the group, the more minor actions are used up.
    Also nice to hint at a non-combat solution, it wants peace and quiet, leave it alone and no one will get hurt. Could also be a possible cause of a ghost town.

  2. Blink of an Eye is a cool power. The aura’s penalty to initiative is also a good idea because its different from the standard ongoing damage or penalty to defense.

    I think this guy needs some action points.

  3. Thank you very much for the comments.

    Looking it over once again I see that you guys are right, the stat block does have some problems: the Nihilimentis wasn’t adjusted for being a solo monster. It should have the following adjustments:
    AC 31, Fortitude 29, Reflex 29
    Saving Throws +5
    Action Points 2

  4. Great monster! It has the potential to be a very creepy encounter — sort of a combination of the Monster from the Id in “Forbidden Planet” and the aliens in the Doctor Who episode “Blink”.

  5. Oh, man … I LIKE this! With the right twist, this could really be quite Lovecraftian! Do you have an OGL or Pathfhinder version of the Nihilimentis?

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