Monarch of the Monsters Voting Begins

Monarch of the Monsters Voting Begins

Monarch of the MonstersNow that you’ve seen the five finalists for the Monarch of the Monsters contest, you can vote! We’re opening the polls so that you can help crown the 2013 Monarch of the Monsters.

[poll id=”4″]

If you missed the entries, you can visit each one at their respective links below:

Bouda by Wendall Roy
Green Strangler by Mike Welham
Echo Demon by Eric Hindley
Mask Wight by Sersa Victory
Phlogistian Faerie by Jeff Lee

Once again, many thanks go to all those who entered plus our judges. We hope that you all have enjoyed the contest once more!

7 thoughts on “Monarch of the Monsters Voting Begins”

  1. Thank you, Kobolds, for the chance to participate in this contest. It’s an honor to have been selected as a finalist. :)

    Best of luck to all the other monsters. Terrorize the world!

  2. What great finalists! I can see using many of these monsters in my campaign.

    Is anyone else having issues voting? I click on “Vote” after making my selection, and the “Loading” animation appears, but is never replaced by the poll results. Same for if I click on the poll results link. I can try from another location later, but it’s disappointing not to be able to vote.

  3. I don’t know anything about 13th age, but the Mask Wight reeks awesomeness. I bow down to the masterful creation that is the Mask Wight.

  4. Hi Brian,

    13th Age has quickly become my favorite system. If you have a moment, I found the following page helpful, but there are lots of other resources you can check out (including the SRD, which contains a *ton* of the core book’s content):

    I love that Kobold Press has been supporting 13th Age via races, icons, and monsters. I hope to see even more support in the future!

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