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Midgard RPG Miniatures Final Push!

Midgard RPG Miniatures Final Push!

Baba Yaga's Hut
If you haven’t already kicked in for the Midgard RPG Miniatures, or if you’re on the fence for bumping up your funding level, you definitely need to take a look at these images.

Pictured to the right is Baba Yaga’s Hut, and you’ll see the art and sculpt for the gypsosphinx down at the bottom (with art done by Darren Calvert).

Baba Yaga's Horsemen

The four sculptors working on this project—Jason Weibe, Fancagne Didier, Drew Williams and Tim Prow—have been busy! And, as of this writing, you’ll see on the Kickstarter page that the next stretch goal takes us into Baba Yaga’s horsemen. We’re not that far away at all! Here’s more on those three potential miniatures, including an art reference (but no sculpt) for them:

Our next 3 Stretch Goals are Baba Yaga’s Horsemen Red Sun, White Day and Black Night (also known as Red, White and Black). These three horsemen are legends throughout Midgard, and are Grandmother Winter’s faithful emissarys, scouts and warriors abroad.

So, go take a look and kick in if you can!

Gypsosphinx with art

1 thought on “Midgard RPG Miniatures Final Push!”

  1. Well. Just so the populous is aware. I will give you an update on the baby Yaga hut and the Kickstarter by EFS featured in this article. It has been 5 years since the kickstarter successfully funded.
    Not only have the backers not received there products, Mich (the owner) has stopped all communication with his backers. He no longer is reachable.
    On top of this, there is evidence on forums that people are buying his product and posting there paint jobs. These are new customers, and they bought them from his website which currently lists them at $150 each, and in stock. Rather then following through on his promise to the Kickstarter backers who made his production possible.It has been mentioned to Mich but he has not commented.
    Just thought everyone should know and be warned to never support this business or him again!

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