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Menagerie of Mischief (Part 2)

Menagerie of Mischief (Part 2)

Last week, Menagerie of Mischief got you started with some guidelines and ammunition. This week, take a look at explosives and weapons.


Rust Bomb (E): A shoddy brass or iron shell encases a mechanism that disperses a thick gas able to quickly fill a small room. This gas turns all metallics inside the area into corroded garbage. Rust bombs were once an item only dwarven craftsmanship could provide, but they have proven to be so popular that over the years they are easily manufactured as long as the rust monster glands needed to produce the gas are available. They make for great heist tools and are ideal for turning small militia armories to dust. The gas from a rust bomb fully disperses within 30 seconds and softens metals within 1 minute. A full 60 minutes of exposure to rust bomb gas completely destroys any metallic substance, turning it completely to a moist brown dust.

Rarity: Common

Cost: Moderate

Moss Grenade (E,S): These grenades are crafted from the soft yet resilient carapaces of giant beetles that are packed tightly with quickly spreading moss that expands out in every direction once the casing of the grenade has been broken. The moss grenade serves a double purpose in that it provides a silent traversal surface for those stepping on it and it also releases a cloud of choking spores that can irritate the senses of enemies or even knock them out cold. It’s not advisable to attempt to walk over a freshly deployed moss grenade until after a minute has passed, or without proper facial covering to prevent inhalation.

Rarity: Uncommon

Cost: Moderate

Grease Pod (D,E): Crafted from the linings of animal intestines and thinned hides, grease pods create a slippery mess sure to fumble any foe. Grease pods are sure to make a mess of any situation. They are often planted in places so that they are stepped on, or they are dropped from above, or sometimes the smaller pods are launched from slings. After the pods burst, they create a 10-ft. by 10-ft. area of slippery grease; sling munitions create a roughly 3-ft. by 3-ft. area of grease. Sometimes these pods are filled with oil as well, typically followed by flaming arrows or fire magic for an incinerating combo.

Rarity: Common

Cost: Cheap


Gemjack (E): Part jeweler’s eye, part blackjack, 100% inconspicuous. This blackjack is made from an alchemically treated retractable metal tube that makes it hard as steel and light as a feather. Its hollow center is fitted with a sturdy lens in either end, which allows it to double as a jeweler’s eye for inspecting gems and other small valuables. As a weapon, it functions as if it were a masterwork club.

Rarity: Rare

Cost: Moderate

Widow’s Smile (D,E): This dagger is said to be one of a kind and was reputedly once owned by a great assassin and master of illusions. Dedicated to all things that were fake, he spent a great deal of his old age enchanting his possessions with powerful magic and preparing for his death and subsequent new life as a lich. His personal blade, the Widow’s Smile is said to have many facsimiles that were created to operate similar to the original, but only the true blade holds the power to create a duplicate of itself. The Widow’s Smile and its replicas allow its user to conjure an illusory group of d6 assassins that step from the shadows to aid its wielder. Those who are stabbed by it and survive also suffer terror-filled dreams and hallucinations during their waking hours. These blades acts as a +3 magic weapon, while the true Widow’s Smile acts as a +5.

Rarity: Rare

Cost: Priceless

Gearheaded Mace (E): At first glance, this mace looks more like a common sap than anything, aside from the small protrusions that line the head of the weapon. Each one of these protrusions is actually a button. When pressed, the weapon begins to click and whirr and transform into something entirely different. The head of the gearhaded mace can flare out into several different-sized cogs and pulleys, or transform entirely into a short sword, club, or two separate daggers. A button on the bottom of the handle allows it to retract and reform back into its mundane guise. This weapon functions as a +1 magic weapon for all attack and damage purposes, but it is not actually magical.

Rarity: Rare

Cost: Expensive

8 thoughts on “Menagerie of Mischief (Part 2)”

  1. Love this stuff. One small issue. Why does the gas in the rust bomb not corrode its “brass or iron” shell. Is it lined with glass or ceramic or is the gas inert until it hits the air?

  2. @Morgan, Thanks!

    @Mike, Thanks! Yeah I didn’t put enough thought into that one I suppose. Yeah I’d definitely say some kind of material that could be cheaply made in your world whether it was ceramic, glass, or even some kind of sac used from an animals innards. Whatever works, use your imagination!

  3. @Todd, Oh noes! Was it my lack of rational thought regarding a corrosive gas being contained within a corrode-able shell? Say it ain’t so! Just toss in the added descriptor Mike did and say it’s contained within a ceramic shell within the metal one. Glad you liked the rest of them though ;)

  4. Excellent work, Jerry. I love them all. The Grease Pod seems like a perfect kobold trick, the Gemjack will definitely find a home with my rogue, and the Gearheaded Mace is the perfect accompaniment for a clockwork oriented NPC I am currently devising. Thanks for the inspiration!

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