May 2024 Kobold Roundup

May 2024 Kobold Roundup

Dungeon delvers and tomb raiders rejoice! This month closed out with a spectacular showing for Campaign Builder: Dungeons & Ruins! We had our highest pledge turnout for a Campaign Builder yet, with 3,674 backers raising $285,977 towards making this project a reality!

Preorders will go live via BackerKit and the Kobold Store soon, so if you missed the Kickstarter, keep your eyes on this space for an update!


Here’s what’s new in May from Kobold Press!

Tales of the Valiant PDFs

Still no flying cars, but at least the digital future of 5E gaming has arrived! The core books for the Tales of the Valiant RPG: Player’s Guide and Monster Vault, have hit backers and the Kobold Store, and the time has come for you all to bask in some Valiant goodness. Special thanks go to the 10,000+ backers who have made this a reality. Check out the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game today!

Creature Codex Pawns

A Kobold Press classic, reprinted for your adventure! Codex Creature Pawns contains over 300 pawns ranging from the tiny and deadly to the HUGE and deadly. They’re back in stock!

Black Flag Roleplaying Reference Document (BFRD)

The essence of Black Flag Roleplaying, distilled into one massive, FREE PDF. Everything within the BFRD is covered under the ORC and promises a huge toolbox for creators to make their own adventures, subclasses, and more for the Black Flag Roleplaying system.


If you’re only looking at one thing, look at this one thing.

Tales of the Valiant PDFs

No surprise that the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game PDFs are hot this month! Pick up your copy and jump into valiant adventures right now!


It’s not just books around here. We also party like it’s 2099.

Kobold Con

Who could forget the ball we had at our first digital convention, KoboldCon 2024! Thanks to all our fans and supporters who turned out to make this event a HUGE success. We had a great time at our Kobold Staff Actual Play (run by the incomparable Celeste Conowitch), our Staff Q&A and more! 

Since we all got to hang out, we thought it would be a good time to announce some major new titles, including The Art of Kobold Press, and the cosmic Labyrinth Worldbook. If you couldn’t make it to the show, you’ll be relieved to know the entire convention is available on YouTube!

Kobold Creates

We were also thrilled to announce the winners of our first Kobold Creates program!

Kobold Creates is our chance to sponsor digital creators, actual plays and podcasts, and other innovators looking to use the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game in their creations. Out of 40 applicants, we announced 10 winners at Kobold Con 2024—check out these exciting new projects!


Next month promises to be a Very. Big. Deal. for Kobold Press.

We start shipping physical rewards to Tales of the Valiant backers and preorder customers, including the much-anticipated core book set. If you’ve missed out on picking up these treasures, there’s still time to preorder! Even if you don’t make the preorder, you’ll be seeing Tales of the Valiant books at your friendly local game store soon. Get ‘em on your shelf while they’re hot!

We’ve also got more adventure coming out of the oven this month! We’re proud to announce our participation in Free RPG Day by dropping a brand-new Tales of the Valiant adventure. Keep your eyes open for this FREE adventure, coming soon!

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