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Lost Magic: Metal Wind, Lesser

Lost Magic: Metal Wind, Lesser

Portrait of a Scholar - Domenico FettiDo you need some more magic in your game? Perhaps a damage-dealing spell with some metal flavor to it is up your alley? Take a peek at this spell submitted by L. Scott Collins.

Metal Wind, Lesser

School conjuration (metal) Level sorcerer/wizard 2, druid 3

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (a coin’s weight of metal)

Range 15 ft.

Area cone-shaped burst

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Fortitude for half or none (see text); Spell Resistance No

A sudden shower of metal slivers erupts from your fanned fingers. Any creature in the area takes 1d6 per caster level (5d6 max). At the GM’s discretion, fragile materials may be shredded to dust and surfaces scoured clean and free of rust or pigment. If a creature has any weakness to the metal used as the material component, such as a damage resistance that is overcome by it, that creature gets no save. Though the traditional material component for this spell is a silver piece, any small amount of metal may be used. When cast as a divine spell, the effect is considered to be of the same alignment as the caster for purposes of special immunities and overcoming damage resistance. At GM’s discretion this spell may be available as cleric 3 to clerics with a Metal, Forge, or similar domain.

3 thoughts on “Lost Magic: Metal Wind, Lesser”

  1. Sounds almost like an improved version of Burning Hands. Except it does d6 instead of d4 and requires a second level slot as opposed to first level. Still, a nice and handy spell with some tactical use as mentioned (silver coins for monsters weak against silver).

    I like how the material component is not a static item, but rather any item “appropriate” so it could be a coin’s weight of copper, a chunk of an old rusted dagger, all sorts of things. Gives you reason to collect “junk”.

    Cool idea!

  2. Well done Scott! This sort of spell was needed in the canon.
    BTW, glad you resisted the urge to call it “Steel Wind” since the reference to the 80s “one-hit-wonder” band would have been too much for me to take.

  3. I really like the spell, but just have one comment about it. It says 1d6 damage, but what type. The fact that DR would apply to it makes it seem like it causes physical damage, like attacking with a weapon. I would say that it would be piercing/slashing, but I don’t know what the author had intended. Over all though, great spell. Pathfinder needs more simple low level spells like this.

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