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Gen Con 2014 and Kobold Press

Gen Con 2014 and Kobold Press

595px-Gen_Con_logo.svgNext week, Gen Con 2014 begins, and we wanted to share with you some of what the fine folk at Kobold Press are doing in Indianapolis (aside from being very Koboldy!). We have many more events being run, but most are sold out at this point. So, the ones you see below are still available—snag a spot as soon as you can!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 a.m.: RPG1459612 Madman at the Bridge (4 hrs; $4 Pathfinder, 1st Edition)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 a.m.: SEM1459561 Wizards Three: Design 201, Making Magic Exciting (1 hr; $0)
With Wolfgang Baur, Benjamin McFarland, Colin McComb
Blazing rays, clever illusions, and potent incantations! Discuss the black art of Pathfinder magic spell creation. We’ll talk about the unwritten rules and unbreakable guidelines.

Noon: SEM1459562 Creating Pulp Adventure (1 hr; $0)
With Wolfgang Baur
Lost cities? White apes? Why, of course! Freelancers and Publishers discuss what makes an adventure “Pulp” and how it makes a game fun! Tips and tricks from industry veterans.

Booth 2537

And, of course, we hope you will visit us at our booth in the dealer hall. We’ll be hanging out at Booth 2537 with some sasquatches and dire weasels.

Wolfgang Baur, Steve Winter, Wade Rockett, Ben McFarland, and many more Kobolds will be at the convention. Watch this space for more information and updates!

2 thoughts on “Gen Con 2014 and Kobold Press”

  1. Apart from some of the usual suspects (like Grandmother’s Fire), we will be featuring a brand new delve adventure set in the Southlands.

    This is meant to be an introduction to but a few of the locations and inhabitants of the Southlands. In the delve you and your companions can encounter 3 out of 6 possible location/encounters, rolled at random so that each time you play it will be different.

    The locations were written by Ben McFarland, Matt Stinson and myself.

    It should be tons of fun!!!!!!

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