Experience the Creatures of the Southlands Bestiary

Experience the Creatures of the Southlands Bestiary

southlands bestiaryNow available, the Southlands Bestiary brings 90+ new monsters of the hotter climes to Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Want to run a campaign in the deserts, jungles or savannas? This 120-page tome of monsters will make sure your players will have hair-raising encounters like none they’ve experienced before. Several of these creatures are brought to life by the core designers of Southlands, and many more are designed by Southlands backers.

With this full-color book of monsters you get:

  • Swamp adders, sphinxes, scorpion swarms and skinbats!
  • Demons, devils, dinosaurs and dragons!
  • Possessed pillars and prismatic beetles!
  • Genies, gremlins and golems!
  • Killer cactids and clockwork tomb guardians!

…and so much more, plus an introduction by Jeff Grubb, designer of the classic Al-Qadim setting. Use these strange and deadly foes in the Midgard Campaign Setting, or in any campaign of high adventure beneath the pitiless sun.

Draw your scimitar, ready your spear, and call upon whatever gods you choose, mortals: the monsters of the Southlands are here! Find it at the Kobold store, DriveThru RPG, and the Paizo store!

5 thoughts on “Experience the Creatures of the Southlands Bestiary”

  1. Will there be a conversion of this document for fifth edition DnD as I am really interested to play the setting but my group only knows how to play 5e?

  2. My 5e copy of Grimalkin has references to the Southlands Bestiary in it. I presume that Cat and Mouse, once my copy arrives, will also. Is there really not a 5e version of this available?

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