Expanding Codex Collection

Expanding Codex Collection

Dear readers, we’ve collected our much-loved Expanding Codex series from designer Mike Welham! It’s now available in PDF.

At a hefty 32 pages, the Expanding Codex updates and expands the Creature Codex with variant monsters and magic from designer Mike Welham:

  • 17 variant monsters from Creature Codex, including variants for the swolbold, drakes, and unhatched
  •  22 new magic items from the periapt of proof against lies to the firesight goggles
  • 26 new spells including mindless vengeance and siege of iron
  • Plus adventure hooks, 2 feats, and a ranger companion!

Change up Codex monsters with alternate traits and actions, outfit your characters with new spells and items inspired by these creatures, and then prepare for adventure, choosing from a slew of adventure hooks!

Grab the Expanding Codex today from the Kobold Press Store or DriveThruRPG!

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