Wolfgang drops in with the Wizards crew at Dragon Talk to chat about Tome of Beasts. Go listen to your favorite Kobold-in-Chief talk about your favorite topic (monsters) in the latest podcast.

The creative team is hard at work on Tome of Beasts 2: Electric Beastaloo, including Dan Dillon, James Introcaso, Shawn Merwin, Steve Winter, Chris Harris, Jeremy Hochhalter, and Wolfgang himself. Kickstarter to come “this fall.”

Why “Electric Beastaloo”? A fan proposed it in the Twitch livestream, it’s a nice 80s reference, and it fits neatly into the D&D tradition of codenames and working titles. For years at TSR, every splatbook was codenamed “Big Book of ______” and many adventures were titled “Return to Frog Keep”. So there you go.

Also it is fair to say we’ll once again be asking backers to throw their creations ¬†into the Pit of Awesome Monsters, and we will print the survivors.

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