Dragon Talk Podcast: Electric Beastaloo

Dragon Talk Podcast: Electric Beastaloo

Wolfgang drops in with the Wizards crew at Dragon Talk to chat about Tome of Beasts. Go listen to your favorite Kobold-in-Chief talk about your favorite topic (monsters) in the latest podcast.

The creative team is hard at work on Tome of Beasts 2: Electric Beastaloo, including Dan Dillon, James Introcaso, Shawn Merwin, Steve Winter, Chris Harris, Jeremy Hochhalter, and Wolfgang himself. Kickstarter to come “this fall.”

Why “Electric Beastaloo”? A fan proposed it in the Twitch livestream, it’s a nice 80s reference, and it fits neatly into the D&D tradition of codenames and working titles. For years at TSR, every splatbook was codenamed “Big Book of ______” and many adventures were titled “Return to Frog Keep”. So there you go.

Also it is fair to say we’ll once again be asking backers to throw their creations  into the Pit of Awesome Monsters, and we will print the survivors.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Talk Podcast: Electric Beastaloo”

  1. Drew Calderone

    Is Electric Beastaloo really going to have a smaller page-count than ToB? I’m not really going to complain if it will–my bookshelf is flimsy and small…

    1. Like the first one, we’re planning on about 300 pages. It certainly might go higher (Kickstarters are unpredictable), though the plan right now is to focus on a smaller book. We’ll see this fall!

  2. Benjamin D King

    Would the creatures/pawns from Demon Societies be making it into the Electric Beastaloo? I would love some pawns of nefarious cultists and their minions…

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