Serving Up the GMG

Serving Up the GMG

We’re in the last week of the Game Master’s Guide Kickstarter, and it’s been inspiring to see our backers’ excitement about the many advanced GMing tools available in this book. From templates to tables, and player styles to premade traps, the Game Master’s Guide (GMG) truly helps you stretch those GM muscles to take your games to the next level.

Every GM understands that every game, from the epic campaign to the Friday night one-shot, is a unique mix of gameplay, roleplaying, and design. Like baking a cake or serving up your favorite dish, the balance of ingredients makes for the most satisfying experience.

The GMG is your advanced cookbook that gives you all the tools, ingredients, and secret sauce to cook up adventures that both you and your players will never forget.

Game masters often resolve to build more original content, expand combat, tailor gameplay to players, and so much more. Each elements must be carefully sprinkled into your campaign. GMs are, in essence, constantly cooking up new and exciting experiences for players, adding a pinch of exploration and a dash of deep roleplaying or exciting combat to keep everyone enjoying themselves.

This is why the Game Master’s Guide was created! Kobold Press wants to provide more advanced support than what’s available in the Tales of the Valiant Players Guide and Monster Vault, specifically for advancing tabletop planning, gameplay, and table dynamics.

The GMG is the experienced chef and unique recipe book for making sure you can get that flavor in your campaigns just right. It has advanced guidance and tools because it’s hot in the kitchen, and GMs need all the help they can get.

For example, the Monster Vault provides basic concepts of monster stat blocks and how they work. Meanwhile, the GMG contains the guidance and tools you need to rebuild or change those concepts to create or modify a monster. You can check out the free GMG PREVIEW PDF for one of those templates. Similarly, the Players Guide explains the basics of traps, but the GMG contains a list of over 40 trap options ready to plug and play into your sessions.

So, if you’ve been thinking your GM game has been coming up a little bland, or you want to develop the skills to give your campaign the shot of flavor it needs, the GM’s Guide is the sous-chef you’ve been looking for to support your campaign.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask Kendo what they think…


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