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Collection of Curiosities: Unusual Herbs

Collection of Curiosities: Unusual Herbs

Herbs 1890Sometimes adventurers come across items of unusual properties. Plants are no different. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. This spiky red flower draws blood regardless of how you hold it. Those thus pricked experience euphoria for 1d3 hours.
  2. The sprig smells like lavender. Those who inhale its fumes experience the worst nightmares of their life when they slumber next. Creatures who meditate see glowing green eyes staring back at them each time they close their own.
  3. The leaf of this plant, when crushed and added to boiling water, can produce an internal cleansing effect after being imbibed. (Optional: A light glow emanates from the one who imbibed it, and any poison within that creature’s system is nullified.)
  4. This blue flower, when eaten, allows a creature to remember one forgotten memory.
  5. When added to any ointment, the ground thorns from this unusual herb enhance the efficacy of any effect the ointment has. The creature also has a slight itchy feeling in its teeth.
  6. When placed within a sealed glass jar, this variant of a popular food seasoning starts to wither, then catches alight. The flame lasts for as long as the container is sealed. When opened, the ashes of the plant may be inhaled, and the creature that inhaled the ashes can see in the dark for 1d6 hours. This creature also feels extremely warm for that same duration.
  7. This delicate fernlike plant phases in and out of existence randomly. When it is fully present, its fronds can be separated from the plant, dried, and placed in a sachet to ease insomnia with its light scent similar to cinnamon.
  8. The spikes on this plant can be used as makeshift needles if an eye is created at the thicker end. Its leaves, when added to food, create a sense of peace among those who eat the food.
  9. Energy spikes in any who eat this cloverlike variant. For 1d3 hours, the imbiber can cover slightly longer distances than normal. After that, the imbiber feels lethargic and speaks slowly and thickly—as if his or her tongue is swollen.
  10. The silver pollen from the flowers of this herb cause any insects that gather pollen to become temporarily larger than normal. This might have the same effect on other creatures.
  11. When ground into a fine dust, this strange gold-hued herb allows those who imbibe it to detect the presence of precious metals within 100 ft. for 1d2+1 hours.
  12. The roots of this rare herb, when eaten raw, give the user the ability to see lingering spirits that normally do not wish to be seen. [GMs, interpret this how you wish for story purposes.] The effect lasts for 1 hour.

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