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Collection of Curiosities: The Wardrobe

Collection of Curiosities: The Wardrobe

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoThat wardrobe might not lead to Narnia, but it can certainly contain some unusual things that lead to interesting stories. You can use any of these details as starting points to flesh out some other interesting things if the player characters choose to look around a bit more. If you want to roll randomly for one, use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. Someone has hung a lot of colorful and very wet wool socks up to dry. The smell of wet wool permeates the place.
  2. It’s amazing how many zombie pixies can fit into a wardrobe.
  3. Every time the wardrobe door is opened, tinkling music sounds out around you. You feel like spinning to it like a ballerina.
  4. Someone converted the wardrobe into a scroll storage facility. Each case has an intriguing label, but only one of the cases has a scroll inside it: The Promise of Your Demise. Scratched into the label are these words: Do Not Read.
  5. You can’t really see what’s inside the wardrobe because an impenetrable zone of darkness is within it. Hopefully nothing vile is lurking right in front of you. Wait. Is the darkness flowing outward from the wardrobe?
  6. You never imagined that so many sparkles could exist in one place. The robes that hang in the closet in front of you are positively blinding in a scintillating way. If these are cultists’ robes, one could argue that maybe this cult needs to be venerated or perhaps destroyed, based on how you feel about sparkles.
  7. Someone seems to have a thing against dolls. Five porcelain-headed dolls are pinned to the back of the wardrobe with daggers through their guts.
  8. Fake beards of every hue. Who’d have thought? Dwarves will be envious and disgusted at the same time.
  9. What is it about elf ears that causes some folk to want to cut them off and make trophies of them? And why would someone display them behind wardrobe doors?
  10. You find a passage behind the false back mainly because someone didn’t quite close it properly. Beyond it, you hear screams. The interesting thing is this: The wardrobe was set against an outside wall. How can there be a passage beyond it?
  11. A creature resembling a monkey hops out of the wardrobe, bows, nods, and vanishes.
  12. A perfectly mundane set of men’s and women’s clothing greets your eyes after you open the wardrobe door. The next time you talk, though, you seem to have one of the most obnoxious accents you’ve ever stumbled across in your adventures, plus there’s no whispering. Not for you, anyway.

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