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Collection of Curiosities: The New Companion(s)

Collection of Curiosities: The New Companion(s)

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoSometimes, as adventurers journey, they pick up new companions. In this case, they might pick up one or more of the rather flawed companions below. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. A skeletal bird’s birdsong gifts you with a light glow around your figure. Too bad your stomach gurgles whenever the bird isn’t singing now.
  2. Three mushrooms follow you wherever you go, bouncing around joyfully. While they’re still, you gain the ability to see in the dark. It’s unfortunate that they stay still only when you provide them with fresh manure to rest within.
  3. The giant bumblebee that now follows you everywhere is magical—it provides you with a point of healing every hour. Alas, if it doesn’t sting you every day, causing that area to swell and itch and ache, this boon is lost.
  4. You might have once had dreams of having an invisible steed. Now you have it. It’s easy enough to find for riding—its terrible and pervasive stench makes for easy discovery.
  5. Sometimes magical bouncing balls are just annoying. While this one translates words for you by making them appear in the air in front of you in your preferred language, the music and bouncing that accompany it are annoying and even headache-inducing to all parties.
  6. You weren’t aware that baked goods would even try to make good companions, but this delicious-looking and wonderful-smelling cupcake that is now your companion is very helpful when it’s time to find food and potable water. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), all it finds in terms of food are sweet goods—nothing at all salty.
  7. This tiny scorpion likes to hide up your sleeve or just inside another item of clothing you have. Its sting both provides you with a burst of energy that makes you hit harder or cast spells faster, but the hallucinations that follow sometimes are nightmarish in tone.
  8. The baby tree that dances and sways behind you can distract your opponent with an almost supernatural level of cuteness. Alas, when that same baby tree is in your sight, you feel compelled to protect it with your life—to the cost of all else.
  9. You might just be the first person to have a companion cube that happens to be gelatinous. As long as you put something yummy in its…uh…tummy, it’s happy enough to clean up after your battles. It likes giant frogs best.
  10. The green will-o’-wisp that you found likes to play with your hair. When it does so, it somehow makes it a new color that glows. But, at least it can provide a distraction in combat or social situations!
  11. The firecat is happy to breathe flame on anyone you point at, but you MUST read to it for a few hours each day. Otherwise, it tries to set your hair on fire.
  12. Your bag of spiders has some extraordinary web-weavers in it—perfect for creating ambushes and the like. You must, however, allow them to set up somewhere to catch food each night. Sometimes that…inconveniences your other companions when they find out the hard way where these spiders set themselves up.

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