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beyond-damage-dice-coverA Weapon is Much More than Just the Damage It Deals…

Down to 5 hp and fighting for your life against trolls, dragons, werebeasts, or worse?
You’ll need to use your weapons to their fullest potential: to confuse, disorient, and
disadvantage your enemies before moving in for the kill.

Beyond Damage Dice offers unique maneuvers for specific weapons found in the
core Fifth Edition rules and the Midgard Campaign Setting—giving them a distinct
impact on the battlefield.

Unless the description specifies otherwise, all of the maneuvers in Beyond Damage Dice can be used by any character that’s wielding the appropriate weapon and is proficient with it.

Fully 5th Edition-compatible, Beyond Damage Dice includes:

  • 11 pages of maneuvers for swords, polearms and axes, hammers and bludgeons, thrown weapons, and ranged weapons
  • 7 new weapons, including the dwarven tijino, nordmansch greataxe, dikama fang blade, and scorpion stiletto

Peruse this scroll of martial secrets and learn how to lock blades with your foe, repel a charge, unmount a rider, deliver a rib-shattering blow, and more!

Beyond Damage Dice is now available in the Kobold Press store.

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