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2014 Kobold Press Calendar

2014 Kobold Press Calendar

2014 Kobold Press CalendarWe unilaterally declare 2014 to be the Year of Adventure! And what is a Year of Adventure without a way to mark the days?

The 2014 Kobold Press 13-month Calendar brings you a new scene of wonder, mystery and adventure every month! From a ghoul-haunted dungeon to distant planes where the fractal dance of Law and Chaos orders the universe, this calendar features high-quality printing on heavy weight, coated paper stock that showcases these beautiful illustrations. The art is all by artists including Ben Wootten, Craig Spearing, Aaron Miller, and Ralph Horsley.

And there’s more! This limited-release item also includes:

  • Release dates of iconic games, past and present
  • Release dates of landmark fantasy and science fiction movies
  • Birthdays of famous science fiction and fantasy writers, and gaming professionals

The 2014 Kobold Press Calendar makes a perfect gift for the fantasy, SF or gaming fan in your life—or the perfect addition to your own gaming den!

Get it at Paizo.com or the Kobold Store. A new year awaits—onward!

9 thoughts on “2014 Kobold Press Calendar”

  1. Yeah, this really is a great product! It’s not one of those cheap, flimsy calendars. This is printed on really nice, heavy coated stock and the images are gorgeous in person. Basically, this is a high quality professionally printed calendar that you can keep long after 2014 has come and gone.

    I’m actually holding one in my hands right now and honestly, these are awesome. I can’t wait for folks to get their hands on their copy!

    Artists include the likes of Ben Wootten, Craig Spearing, Aaron Miller, Ralph Horsley and Mercel Marcado (the artist that did the amazing Deep Magic cover)

    When you see the art in person, I guarantee you will be quite impressed!

    In fact, that’s one of the cool things about this calendar – once the year is up, you still have 13 great pieces of fantasy art by top-name artists which you could actually frame if you wanted.

    I’d strongly recommend ordering soon though – these are limited edition kind of things!

  2. Well, each month does feature all kinds of birthdays, movie and book release dates and lots of release dates for different RPG products over the years.

    Plus, the art for every month is from a Kobold Press product and features a nice write up of that product :)

  3. It’s fun and beautiful! I’m delighted that it has gone on Liz Court’s wish list for Xmas.

    We underprinted because as publisher I’m a craven creature whenever we try something new and different and without a sales history. So if you want one, don’t wait toooooo long.

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