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Your Whispering Homunculus: Evocative Words, Part Two

Your Whispering Homunculus: Evocative Words, Part Two

Attribution: John Illingworth

Evocative Words—Part Two

“Hmm—Grimshall—that’s a word I haven’t heard used before. I shall use it today at the wicked-persons glovepuppet class. That’ll stump them.”

Continuing last episode’s look at words, there are also names that can evoke a particular mood that have no meaning as well as those that use true words: a glance at a map from my own homeland of Derbyshire in England tantalizes with place names such as Breamfield, Dark Lane, Gorseybank, Holloway, and Gibbet Wood. These places have earned their names through historic reasons, their nature, and their character. Their names say something about them, even though you may not know any of these places. I’m pretty sure Dark Lane evokes images of a very narrow lane overhung by gnarled trees with brooding hedgerows towering either side and enclosures and fields at either flank that tower above the sunken lane. This lane by its nature gets very wet in the fall and winter, becoming a quagmire, even late into spring, making travel difficult. Move that forward into your campaign and you have a place where ambushes by highwaymen and creatures frequently occur—perhaps bodies are found or crooked trees have fallen across the way. And what creatures or people live along such a sodden and difficult trail? Surely anyone with any great wealth or need would have improved it; therefore we can deduce that those who access their homes or lairs from Dark Lane are poor—or don’t care, or don’t like visitors. Also travelers are likely to be few on such a foul place, making it lonely and strange.

It’s great fun to run with a story based upon a few facts or words. We dealt with proper words last time and gave some suggestion about their combined use. Here are 50 more entirely made up words that also reflect or suggest a particular mood. Add these to your locations and they may bring a certain feel into play. Generate them randomly or pick the one that most serves your needs. Consider combining them with last weeks’ list, so you can allow your players and your imagination to explore Fallow Dyrge, Foll Spoil, or Harsh Sullen Smadge.

And as ever, have fun with your creations…

  1. Bestard
  2. Blabben
  3. Boggrorp
  4. Boggrumpy
  5. Braste
  6. Brine-brok
  7. Dirthnor
  8. Dreak
  9. Dunfallow
  10. Dungely
  11. Dyrge
  12. Fallonbrake
  13. Ferren
  14. Foll
  15. Gadgebad
  16. Gallowkiss
  17. Gallowmere
  18. Ghastlew
  19. Ghull
  20. Grimbell
  21. Gringe
  22. Grippen
  23. Grype
  24. Huntstake
  25. Implee
  26. Kobbdrown
  27. Koffren
  28. Lashwell
  29. Leamslit
  30. Mobb
  31. Munswallow
  32. Nodge
  33. Nor-t’good
  34. Noxey
  35. Nurr
  36. Sadge
  37. Sallow-me-sourde
  38. Scurrey
  39. Smadge
  40. Smeastly
  41. Smutten
  42. Soddun
  43. Spittlesnap
  44. Spyte
  45. Swallowsalt
  46. Swallowsough
  47. Throtten
  48. Tonguebad
  49. Trodbadly
  50. Turged


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