dragonBorn of malice and contempt from corrupted magic, this vile dragon scours the landscape, attempting to sate his unwavering hunger.

General Xaldraxis is an ancient dragon commander, having survived since the dawn of man. With a temper forged in a violent age, he emerged victorious after defeating entire swaths of foul creatures, beasts, and monstrosities. For his victory in defeating all others, the dragon pantheon granted him a sacred boon that allows him to fight with the strength of multiple heads.

Xaldraxis’ existence is shrouded in much discussion and debate. Loremasters of old speak of his creation as a birth of necessity as all that is good and just overwhelmed the world. As a means to counteract the imbalance in the world, Xaldraxis was created by a power unknown and unleashed to wreak havoc and bring fear and terror back to the minds of mortals…

Xaldraxis in Combat Xaldraxis is a true terror on the field of battle. He exerts his strength by diving straight into the fray in an attempt to shred his opposition. He is intelligent and does not willingly make decisions that puts him in bad situations. If possible, he leverages all necessary resources to ensure his victory. When Xaldraxis is first bloodied in combat, he spawns a second head that enters the fight. This is a boon that was gifted to him for his past victories.

This dragon rarely travels alone, however, and commands an army of kobolds that number in the thousands. Augmenting his army further is an enclave of wyverns. Xaldraxis commands a formidable army that has many societies concerned for their safety.

Lore (History DC 18) Known as a leader amongst beasts, Xaldraxis commands a vast army of kobolds and wyverns. Leveraging his strength and dominance over them, they perform the brunt of his foul deeds. Whether raiding river towns or pestering innocent farmsteads, Xaldraxis ensures his dominance is known and any resistance shall be met with malice.

How to Use Xaldraxis is a great antagonist to use in a long term campaign or as a side-plot that integrates into a larger ongoing story. He is a perfect “final” enemy to use in a climatic event that allows for players to feel a bit of accomplishment for overcoming such a formidable foe.

Xaldraxis also makes a great complementary monster to a more sinister and vile master. If you are working through a campaign that will take your party to higher levels, you may have Xaldraxis be the underling (or even the mount) of a more powerful wizard or dark being.

Xaldraxis (Level 14 Solo Brute)

Huge natural magical beast (dragon); XP 5,000
Initiative +9; Perception +19; darkvision

HP 564; Bloodied 282; see also bloodied rebirth
AC 28, Fortitude 26, Reflex 25, Will 27
Resist 10 cold
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Speed 8; fly 10

Triple Actions Xaldraxis acts three times in a round on initiative counts 25, 15, and 5. He has a full set of actions on each turn and cannot delay or ready actions. He can use one immediate action between each full turn.

[m] Bite • At-Will
Attack—Reach 3 (one creature); +19 vs. AC
Hit—3d8+10 damage

[C] Breath Weapon (cold, zone) • Standard; Recharge 5, 6
Attack—Close blast 5; +17 vs. Reflex
Hit—4d8+8 cold damage
Miss—Half damage
Zone—Until the end of Xaldraxis’s next turn, any enemy ending its turn in the zone takes 15 cold damage

[M] Tear and Rip • Encounter
AttackReach 3; three attacks (one creature); +17 vs. AC
Hit1d10+6 damage

Bloodied Rebirth The first time Xaldraxis is bloodied, he sprouts a second head. That head has its own separate set of encounter and recharge powers. Its initiative count is 20.

Skills Arcana +17, Diplomacy +17, History +17, Insight +19, Intimidate +17, Perception +19
Str 24 (+14) Dex 15 (+9) Wis 24 (+14)
Con 21 (+12) Int 20 (+12) Cha 21 (+12)
Alignment evil; Languages Common, Draconic

Matt James When not freelance writing for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®, Matt is chained to his desk working endlessly on developing his website; Loremaster (http://www.loremaster.org) or www.twitter.com/matt_james_rpg

3 thoughts on “Xaldraxis”

  1. Very nice. I am curious, did you use the DDI Monster Builder to do the stats. When I did the redux of the Morkoth for the Website I used the Aboleth Slime Mage as a template. It saves an incredible amount of time, and allows the DM to focus on the story. This beastie would be a handfull for any 2 adventuring parties.

  2. I did not. The Adventure Tools’ Monster Builder is an amazing tool and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to create their monsters. I am a freelance game designer for WotC and though it may appear this monster is overpowered, I think you’ll find it a great solo monster to challenge your players with.

  3. I have a question for the author: Is this an original monster? because there is a red dragon (Calastryx, even the name is similar) in the Hammerfast book from WotC that has the same powers, defenses, ability scores… etc The only difference between them is the latter has more powers.

    Aside from that, it is a simple monster to run (which is good) but I doubt it works as a BBEG for these reasons:

    – Even with 3 turns it is vulnerable to dazes and stuns, because this effects apply to all heads. It may be better use the hydras rules (one dazed/stunned head per status effect used on it, player chooses head). Different heads and turns are supposed to be its strength so a rule covering these is needed.

    – It lacks a ranged option, so unless the terrain greatly benefits it, ranged pcs are out of reach. As I see it, a capable defender can lock the monster for the entire combat.

    – The defenses (particularly AC) are higher than expected. It seems as if you have applied old DMG 1 solo monsters rules.

    – Damage seems to be ok for a brute using the new MM3 math. 15 cold damage at mid paragon seems low to me, a couple potions of resistance/utility power can reduce this to nearly nothing.

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