Trap Wisp

Trap Wisp


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Found most often in abandoned kobold warrens, trap wisps maintain the snares and pitfalls left behind. Retaining only shadowy memories of their past lives, they are both cunning and cruel. All but invisible, trap wisps are rarely seen unless angered or hurt, when they whip up a swirl of dungeon detritus around themselves to strike at their foes…

Trap Wisp Lore

Dungeoneering or Religion DC 10: Trap wisps are believed to be the ghosts of fallen kobolds. Some speculate that when a tribe faces extermination, the last of them will sacrifice themselves, becoming trap wisps in the process. Trap wisps rarely reveal themselves directly, and many adventurers have been slain by trap wisps without even being aware of their presence.

Dungeoneering or Religion DC 15: Although they prefer to attack indirectly, trap wisps are fiercely protective of the traps they defend. Only revealing themselves in combat, wily adventurers can flush out trap wisps by damaging or destroying their traps.

Trap Wisp (Level 2 Lurker)

Small shadow humanoid (undead) XP 125
Initiative +4; Senses Perception +1; darkvision
hp 26; Bloodied 13
AC 16, Fortitude 14, Reflexes 14, Will 14
Immune disease, poison; Resist 10 necrotic, insubstantial; Vulnerable radiant (if the trap wisp ever takes radiant damage, it cannot use invisibility until after the end of its next turn)
Speed fly 6 (hover); phasing

[M] Trash Strike (standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 2d6+3 damage

[R] Trash Toss (standard; at-will)
Ranged 5; +7 vs. AC; 1d6+3 damage

Invisible (minor; at-will) ◊ Illusion
The trap wisp becomes invisible until it attacks or is hit by an attack; it remains invisible while using trap tinker

Trap Tinker (standard; at-will)
During a trap-related skill challenge, a trap wisp can eliminate one success by making a Thievery check against the DC specified in the trap description

Alignment chaotic evil   Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Stealth +11, Thievery +11
Str 4 (-2)                               Dex 17 (+4)                         Wis 10 (+1)
Con 14 (+3)                         Int 6 (-1)                               Cha 14 (+3)

Trap Wisp Tactics

Trap wisps are almost always encountered near a complex trap and will disrupt any attempts to disarm it. They prefer to use trap tinker, rather than direct attacks, although they become very aggressive if their trap is damaged. Once discovered, trap wisps will try to stay at range, using trash toss, then turning invisible and moving to avoid speculative retaliation.

Encounter Groups

The tunnels trap wisps haunt might be crawling with undead, or over-run by some other subterranean creatures. Either way, there is always a trap in the immediate vicinity.

Level 2 Encounter (XP 674)

  • 4 kruthik hatchlings (level 2 minion)
  • 2 kruthik young (level 2 brute)
  • 1 pendulum scythes (level 4 trap)
  • 1 trap wisp (level 2 lurker)

Level 3 Encounter (XP 775)

  • 3 skulk zombies (level 3 skirmisher)
  • 1 trap wisp (level 2 lurker)
  • 1 whirling blades (level 5 trap)

2 thoughts on “Trap Wisp”

  1. Very cool. Something new to throw at low level players. I especially like the ability to foil their trap skill checks.

  2. Very devious James. I like it…One more reason to fear Kobolds. It would be a nice touch to give the Wisp the ability to trip triggers, trip and push foes into traps if the party manages to disarm or bypass the trap. And to counter the Wisp (on occasion), the ghost of a trap victim might be used to aid the party if vexed and stymied by a trap and its Wisp…

    The Trap Wisp goes into the Warrens for sure.

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