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The Random Gamemaster: NPC Names

The Random Gamemaster: NPC Names

From the genesis of D&D, random lists have been used to create, inspire, and complicate games everywhere. The gamemaster is essentially keeping all the knowledge of a fabricated world inside their head along with all the relevant laws of physics and mechanics, which are transformed into a living story around the table. With that in mind, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with appropriate names, descriptions, NPCs, castles, or environmental features on the fly. Luckily, there are certain tools that simplify a GM’s life no matter what game they are running.

Egyptian dice (600-800 BC)
Rune-covered, 6-sided gray die from ancient Egypt, used in tabletop games.

Random Generation Tables: Topics, Characters & More

These random generation tables can be used for just about any topic. The trouble is that, while they are great to have, they take time to generate yourself. The good news is we have taken the liberty and done the hard work up front, leaving you free to copy, paste, and print right into your notes.

You can roll randomly or simply choose one that suits the character you wish to portray. A random result could even give you a hook to help you further build out that NPC’s personality. Additionally, some of the names are more gender neutral than others, and you can easily tweak them—do whatever best suits the needs of your game and the needs of the character! These can be starting points for you, not ending points.

Names are important—so choose wisely!

Names offer context, identity, and even evoke different feelings based upon their sound. It is no coincidence that a well-crafted name carries weight and can add dimension to a person or item.

For example, think of Gandalf. The sound and structure of the word gives it a vaguely medieval, old-world connotation. The root of the word Gand, much like Rand or Brand, gives a punchy, masculine note. Even the overall presence of the word is similar to grandpa, evoking perhaps age or wisdom. This is why it may be strange to simply name everyone in your game Mike and Fran. It simply wouldn’t have the right ring to it. (Mike, the Prince of Undeath?) 

This table provides you with names for non-player characters. This list of different names can help maintain colorful variety and inspiration for your game.

d50Non-Playable Character Names
1Tact Haelstrom
2Amarra Bandarrion
3Aryn Sparrowhawk
4Baldrick Buntd
5Donald Whent
6Syrulliana Di’ Annte
7Quadina Redrook
8Jaq Le’quet
9Turnip Bellwater
10Fen Ulvcreen
11Stewart Inkpot
12Corina Camberline
13Jagod Di
14Bevel Left
15Elrik Von Sorensen
16Thayadora Ableten
17Grumm Orcheck
18Ademia Strom
19Sillari Kern
20Sir Drexel of Yourn
21Aureus Splitarrow
22Sils Worel
23Har Vin’ter
24Aster Balleenen
25Cordast Chin
26Breck Veldtner
27Lav Ichafor
28Milsa Tresant
29Mimos Allerdraak
30Gallaharra Troye
31Baelnor Vaeswan
32Megard Frunthwill
33Gorick Broadback
34Shenea Dronsch
35Rem Gunthwai
36Ung Dag
37U’legraf Gar
38Nanoka of Karr
39Oenn Whitsun
40Geffen Cauldry
41Pin Bellner
42Borodred Hillsson
43Eli Bannaran
44Justed Antenitor
45Luxara Domar
46Col Suttle
47Weylan Farce
48Kofgen Krevnar
49Tybris Strutt
50Gracen Hoth

13 thoughts on “The Random Gamemaster: NPC Names”

  1. Some of those names are awesome. Some I don’t care for, but hey, naming is always a matter of taste. And hey, free list.

    It certainly makes it easier to drop random improvised NPCs into a game to have a list like this at hand.

  2. Indeed, variety is the spice of life so they say! I think my favorite is Stewart Inkpot, perfect name for a mage’s nerdy apprentice.

  3. Great list, Frank. There are certainly some wonderful names there, and convenience is key. Waylan Farce and Luxara Domar are two of my favorites. Baelnor Vaeswan seems like it’s straight out of LOTR. Just has that same feel you were talking about. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your shit! This is a solid RDG system! I hate when I ask who someone is and the GM just has that look of…oh shit…I didn’t think they would ever care about the name of the stable hand they are about to rob and trample…

  5. I was thinking Stewart Inkpot was a devious acolyte literally fudging the books at the local scriptorium. He’s actually running secret messages in th eilluminations for a subversive secret sect set to undermine the priest hood and step into the power vacuum once it collapses.

  6. I kind of like “Mike Lord of Undeath”, I’m to old to be a prince. This is great. Now we need some tables for various other PC/NPC races. I always find monster names the most difficult.

  7. “Mike Lord of Undeath” immediately reminded me of an episode from Rocko’s Modern Life where Heffer meets “Peaches, Lord of Heck”.

    Great list! As Mike said (that’s Mike Franke, not Mike Lord of Undeath) next we need some monster names.

  8. Thanks for the great list. You actually gave us over 10,000 names with that simple list. Just take any of either of the first or the last names (100 choices) to use as a first name, and then any of the 100 as a second name. Not bad!

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