In the recent past, we talked about the options for my next project.

Then I asked for input from the kobolds, who made their choice here, and who also gave generously here and here.

The mace is done—ready to ship to its proud new owner. As promised, I did my best to document the build in the video below. I also did my best to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible.

Sorry about the blur in the beginning; my autofocus went a little wonky.

During the build I learned that if I’m going to make more of these, I need to build a jig to hold the flanges in place for welding. The heat from the welding made it impossible to keep the flanges lined up evenly—even though I tack welded them before doing the final welds.

The floor is open for questions! Anything from nontechnical through type of welding wire, wire feed speed, and heat settings are fair game.

You can also see the video on the YouTube site.

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