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Identify Your Player Style with the GMG

Identify Your Player Style with the GMG

From the innovative minds that think up solutions on the fly to the chaos gremlins that live their tabletop lives on the edge, Tales of the Valiant players are as diverse as the fantastical worlds they inhabit. Diverse player styles are a core part of the game that we love and the people we enjoy playing with. Even here at Kobold Press, no two Kobolds play the same game of ToV!

The Game Master’s Guide aims to help GM’s understand these player styles and give guidance on adapting how you run your game to welcome players of all kinds. The GMG breaks players into six different Player Styles:

The Actor: These players are most interested in the game’s story. They generally view mechanics as less important than engaging with narrative elements and creating a compelling character.

The Explorer: Ever in pursuit of something new, these players are rarely content to stay in one place for too long and prefer bold choices in the name of progress. They may push the boundaries of your world beyond what you had planned.

The Inventor: Big ideas and big solutions are the Inventor’s stock-in-trade. This player wants to solve problems with outside-the-box thinking—sometimes proposing paths outside the context of the written rules.

The Power Gamer: Armed with a keen understanding of the rules and their character’s capabilities, these players choose optimal options for their PCs. Power Gamers strive to “beat” challenges in the most efficient way possible, and can never reach the next level fast enough.

The Watcher: For these players, each game session is an excuse to catch up with friends, enjoy companionship, and reap the benefits of participating in a regular social event. They’ll hold the social fabric of the table together, but finding ways to draw them into the world can be a challenge.

The Wild Card: Wild Cards can bring a lot of fun, energy, and passion to your table. However, these players are difficult to plan for since you (and often they) have no idea what they will do next. Be prepared to roll with the punches!

This is just a taste of the information at your disposal for customizing and curating the best player experience at your table. Not every player fits neatly in these slots and most pull a little from two or three player styles. but knowing your players and working to understand how they play is a big help to keeping everyone engaged and satisfied with the game.

Which player style are you? Are you a combination of a few player styles? How many different player styles sit at your table? Let us know using the #MyPlayerStyle on social media and telling us about yourself and your table!

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