Raising Our Flag

Raising Our Flag

To our fellow Kobolds, 

Kobold Press has been and always will be committed to open gaming and the tabletop community. Our goal is to continue creating the best materials for players and game masters alike.

This means Kobold Press will release its current Kickstarter projects as planned, including Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns (already printed and on its way to backers this winter).

In particular, Deep Magic Volume 2 will remain fully compatible with the 5E rules. We are working with our VTT partners to maintain support for digital platforms.

As we look ahead, it becomes even more important for our actions to represent our values. While we wait to see what the future holds, we are moving forward with clear-eyed work on a new Core Fantasy tabletop ruleset: available, open, and subscription-free for those who love it—Code Name: Project Black Flag

All Kobolds look forward to the continued evolution of tabletop gaming. We aim to play our part in making the game better for everyone. Rest assured, Kobold Press intends to maintain a strong presence in the tabletop RPG community. We are not going anywhere. 

To receive future announcements and to register to playtest this new core fantasy ruleset, please sign up VIA THIS FORM.

Join the Kobold Press community in our official Discord to unlock new secrets about our upcoming project. Help us #RaiseTheFlag.

180 thoughts on “Raising Our Flag”

  1. Good to hear. Now I need to go through the couch to find change to get your3.x PF1 stuff before it disappears

  2. Is Project Black Flag something multiple companies are working on or JUST Kobold Press? I’m old enough to remember the era of ‘Fantasy Heartbreakers’ and well, they were t’ called that because they dethroned D&D back in the day.

    1. The strength of DND 5e was its ubiquity. An agreement by multiple companies to make content for this game would be all the incentive needed for my group to switch. I hope they can get with the other publishers!

      1. Agreed! How about an open source commitment? Kobold’s strengths would play into this perfectly; the bigger such a system got, the more supplementary material Kobold would sell. You could be the Firefox or VLC of open-source gaming.

        1. This situation sucks, but the worse outcome would be exactly this, if 30 3rd party content creators all decide to make their own OGL rpg systems. I hope some of the bigger 3rd party groups like Kobold can bring together everyone to design something cool and open for everyone.

      2. Agreed! Given the current RPG climate, I think it’s all a matter of advertising in the form of endorsements from other trusted 3rd party creators. If Black Flag becomes something that’s easy to learn, easy to mod, easy to find just about anywhere, and supported by a slew of talented private creators in the way 5e was, I literally have no need for future WOTC content.