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Prepared!: Dungeon Props

Prepared!: Dungeon Props

Fountain in Verona (original photographer Photographer: Riccardo Speziari)You’ve made a great dungeon. It has riveting plot hooks, compelling challenges, custom-made traps, and all the atmosphere of an ’80s goth music video. All it needs are a few flavorful bits to finish it off. Prepared! is here to help with worthy dungeon props ready to drop into your spelunking masterpiece.

The Broken Fountain

Before you sits a simple stone fountain. A cave-in far above caused several large chunks of rock to plummet into the fountain and damage the spout. The falling rock also dislodged several colored stones from their insets in the basin. A quick glance reveals a crudely carved laughing visage in the fountain’s base.

If the adventurers look at the fountain, read the following text:

Examining the fountain more closely, you find an open panel in the base with a mechanical device set into it. The device was most likely damaged during the cave-in. You can also hear a faint off-tune melody emitting from the basin.

The fountain can be fixed by overcoming the following challenges. Use your discretion when determining how difficult repairing the fountain is.

  • The fountain’s pump is a mechanical device (Dex/thieving-based skill rolls/teamwork)
  • The fountain has large stones obstructing the spout (Str/athletic-based skill rolls/teamwork)
  • The fountain’s basin is enchanted to play a melody, but the magical stone components are out of sequence (Int/lore-based skill rolls/teamwork)

If the adventurers repair the fountain, read the following:

With a concerted effort, you return the strange fountain to operation. You hear the whirring gears of the device in the base come to life, and a slow trickle of green-tinted water travels from the spout into the basin. The stones set into the basin play a jaunty tune for several minutes before falling silent again. Eventually the water stops; the fountain’s source appears to have gone dry. Is the shimmering water potable?

Fixing the fountain has these results:

  • One waterskin’s worth of fountain water (see the effects below).
  • A soothing melody plays through several times at a high volume (is anything nearby alarmed by that?).
  • A minor experience reward.

The fountain was designed to draw water from a nearby subterranean pool. The waters of the pool are heavily laced with resin from a rare and unknown lichen. The effects of drinking the resinous water are similar to alcohol with a heavy leaning toward giddiness. Drinking more than a few drops will require a Con-based roll to avoid moderate intoxication. Imbibers also receive a minor bonus to resisting cold-based damage and effects for a day.

You can get Prepared! now at the Kobold Store and Amazon.

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