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Planar Boutiques, part 2: a plant nursery in the World Tree

Planar Boutiques, part 2: a plant nursery in the World Tree

As detailed in the Guide to the Labyrinth, the Labyrinth is the “space between worlds.” Though most of the Labyrinth consists of tunnels, bridges, and stranger passageways, bottled cities and pocket dimensions lie within its twists.

Traveling the paths of the Labyrinth can be a life-changing experience, sometimes because it kills you. That’s why it is crucial to find those waystation shopping locations for the traveler in need. Here is a well known establishment on the World Tree itself and two items you could acquire there.

Chrriket’s Vertical Gardens

Type Public Business
Size Small Shop
Location Various branches, Yggdrasil (World Tree)
Proprietor Chrriket
Notable Staff Several dozen alliumites (see Creature Codex)
Typical Goods Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables, Salves, Tonics, Rations, and Potions

From afar, the Vertical Gardens resembles a strangely uniform patch of greenery on the steep face of the World Tree’s trunk. Moving closer reveals row after row of gravity-defying, beautiful plants. Just above and below the garden, where the trunk meets the nearest branches, are small wooden signs, each with the inscription, “Vertical Gardens, mind the step”, written in several languages.

Once in the garden, gravity changes, pulling the traveler “down” toward the trunk. Thus, stepping into the Vertical Gardens is a leap of faith. The traveler must place one foot on the sheer trunk of the World Tree and then step upward, bringing their other foot in line. Doing so requires a certain amount of belief as the traveler must believe their “step” will reorient to the new direction of gravity. Each time a creature attempts to enter the Vertical Garden, it must make a DC 12 WIS save. On a success, gravity for that creature reorients. On a failure, it does not.

The Vertical Gardens feature approximately 250 acres of planted gardens, wandering paths of shredded wood fibers, shaded arbors draped with singing ivy, and multi-level raised planters watered by small, awakened clouds. A small troop of alliumites cares for the plants and protects the garden. At the center of the acreage is a small wooden hut standing on a pair of frog’s legs. Here, the ratatosk archdruid Chrriket oversees his domain.

Chrriket is a thin, gray-furred ratatosk with silver streaks on his muzzle. Though he is over 1,000 years old, the archdruid still exhibits the child-like excitement and wonder common to his race. His immortality and frog-legged hut were gifts from Baba Yaga, in exchange for shipments of a special tea he grows only for Grandmother. Though some speculate this tea provides the Great Witch with mysterious powers, it is merely a distinct blend of Calamint, Chamomile, Clove, and Carrion Flower.

Those who visit the Vertical Gardens find it a welcome respite from the dangers of traveling the World Tree. Chrriket’s magics and guardian plants protect any who take a long rest in his domain; however, he usually only allows visitors one night before asking them to depart. Some have bargained for longer stays by agreeing to undertake quests for the ratatosk druid, usually involving the recovery of some very rare, or closely guarded, plant or exotic herb.

Virtually every type of fruit, vegetable, or plant is available for sale at the Vertical Gardens. Chrriket is especially willing to trade items from his extensive collection of druid and nature-themed magic items for especially rare varieties. Potions of nearly every variety are also for sale, some in the form of dried fruit that activate when eaten.  

Secret. Chrriket is dying. Though Baba Yaga’s gift is as strong as ever, his mind has begun to fail him. Moments of confusion or memory loss grow more frequent with every passing year. To his shame, the ratatosk has embarked upon a desperate plan to preserve his own life by transforming himself into a genus loci, or land spirit. This act is a violation of most druidic teachings across the many planes, so Chrriket works in secret. To accomplish his transformation, he requires a large number of extremely rare, and, in a few cases, extinct, plants. He takes the measure of adventurers who visit the Vertical Gardens, offering the ones who seem trustworthy vast riches in exchange for finding the ingredients he needs.

Two Items From the Planes


Weapon (Any Blade), Uncommon
1,250 gp

This wooden weapon appears to have been grown – blade, hilt, and pommel – from a single tree. Though clearly made of wood, the blade is as hard as the strongest steel and its edge is incredibly sharp. Druids are automatically proficient with all types of woodblades.

You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. 

If the woodblade is subject to a spell or magical effect that specifically damages plants, the wielder must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or the magical powers of the item are suppressed for 24 hours. 

Variations. More powerful versions of the woodblade exist with increasing levels of rarity: +2 (rare), +3 (very rare).


Wondrous Item, Rare
300 gp

This stoppered flask gurgles when shaken, as if it contains a thick, viscous fluid. The container weighs 1 pound. You can use an action to remove the stopper and swallow up to three mouthfuls of the goodberry syrup contained within. You regain 5 HP for each swallow you consume. After three mouthfuls, you must finish a long rest before you can use this item again. A flask contains 15 swallows of goodberry syrup.

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