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Guide to the Labyrinth (PDF)


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Journey Across Infinite Worlds of Adventure!

New worlds blink into existence while old ones crumble into the Void as neverending pathways criss-cross between realities in a realm known as the Labyrinth. Limitless adventure springs from this place, and valiant, world-hopping heroes tread its pathways in search of fortune, glory, and arcane wisdom.

Kobold Press is proud to present Guide to the Labyrinth! This 74-page PDF serves as an introduction to the world of the Labyrinth:

  • Meet the heroes, villains, and factions who play a dangerous game across reality, caught in a war between forces of Creation and the malignant hunger of the Void.
  • Learn to walk the unending roads, pathways, and rivers of the Labyrinth in search of adventure. Cautiously explore worlds Darkened by the Void, or find safety in a Warded realm.
  • Incorporate your current campaign setting into the Labyrinth, or begin a new adventure steeped in the lore of the Ten Thousand Worlds.

Featuring over 80 campaign settings, including 70 created by Tales of the Valiant backers, Guide to the Labyrinth offers Game Masters a short introduction to everything they need to spin their own stories across worlds beyond counting. This title also serves as a primer for the upcoming Labyrinth Worldbook from Kobold Press.

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