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Cover Art for KQ20Here in the Old Margreve, adorable woodland creatures are running hither and yon…FOR THEIR LIVES. That’s because Kobold Quarterly issue #20 is out today and this time the focus is on archers! With an all-new elven archer base class for Pathfinder RPG, a shadow fey hunting party on the prowl, and new arrows carrying acid, fog and razor filaments, the debate over whether it’s Wabbit Season or Duck Season just became much more energetic.

KQ #20 features Jeff Grubb on the lost elves of Midgard, a Q&A with Journeys to the West lead designer Christina Stiles and a new Zobeck adventure.

There’s also vile Derro ooze magic, new planar allies, AGE system specialties, 4e racial utility powers for gnomes, tieflings and minotaurs, and much more! Here’s the complete contents, after the jump:

• The Elven Archer Class
• Arrows of the Arbonesse
• Derro Ooze Magic
• Servants from Beyond
• Putting the Band Back Together: Veteran PCs
• AGE of Specialization
• The Bardic Arts
• Unearthed Ancestry
• Night Terrors by Jack Graham
• Captured in the Cartways
• Fey Hunters & Shadow Hounds
• Small Spirits
• Make Haste!

Plus our columnists and special guests:

• The Power of the Game Master by Monte Cook
• Ask the Kobold by Skip Williams
• Q&A with Christina Stiles
• The Ruins of Arbonesse by Jeff Grubb

Pick up Kobold Quarterly #20 in print or in PDF. Or hey, why not subscribe?

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