Kobold Artistry: Voting

Kobold Artistry: Voting

You’ve seen all five of the entries picked by the judges. Now it’s time to vote for the one you like best! It’s a hard decision, certainly, but it’s your decision to make.

Again, in case you missed an entry, here are the five contenders:

To vote, please click here.

We’ll be running the voting through March 14, 2012. Happy voting, all!

28 thoughts on “Kobold Artistry: Voting”

  1. Wow!

    Okay… I hate to break hearts but here goes. Though I’m a bit disappointed at not even making the top five, I’ll have offer reasons as to my picks to see if others agree.
    First Place
    Krik the Knifer by Terry Maranda
    (This one really made me Laugh, loud and Hard!)

    Second Place
    Venerable Jikook of Bluerock, Witness of 214 Moons by James Krause
    (The paint job alone was great, the mutations leaves me thinking more is to be learned about the characters BG)

    Third Place
    Toad Eye by Aja Savon Johnsonicks
    (Great color! Great pose…. Ummm…. I think I saw this on a Pokemon book.)

    The other two are so great and similar and are tied for 4th place in my mind… Too close to call.

  2. oops, acc clicked post
    First: Toad Eye
    Second: Ragged Scourgescale
    Tied for 3rd: Venerable Jikook of Bluerock
    Krik the Knifer

  3. 1st: Krik the Knifer

    2nd: Venerable Jikook of Bluerock

    3rd: Toad Eye

    4th: Malena

    5th: Ragged Scourgescale

  4. The pieces are all awesome — congrats on all the finalists!

    The definite winner’s ‘Krik the Knifer’ though. This one captures a mood and the expression on that kobold is priceless!

  5. All are great, but Jikook of Bluerock has my vote. Krik the Knifer is a close second based just on the look on his face.

  6. Hahaha that Krik is hilarious!!

    I agree that this one has a good setting. It captures a true kobold better than the others, so this one wins for me.

    Jikook comes second cuz his face is original.

    I think Toad Eye looks like a chinese dragon more than kobold but the colors are vibrant so this goes third.

    Good job all!

  7. First Krik, totally an awesome illistration of a typical kobold.
    Second Toad eye, I like badass kobolds, the players would really remember running into this guy.
    Third Malena, a kobold blade dancer, looks awesome and the possible stories could be very interesting
    Fourth Jihook,

  8. 1st: Toad Eye – just love the colors and the pose

    2nd: Venerable Jikook of Bluerock – ah such wonderful creepeness

    3rd: Krik the Knifer – hilarous at its best

    4th: Malena – love the art nouveau style

    5th: Ragged Scourgescale – a kobold mech-warrior!

    Thank you all for your entries and the effort you put into it.

  9. Ragged Scourgescale – a kobold mech-warrior!

    This one is not necessarily what I would normally go for, but there is just something compelling about it!

    (They are all good btw.)

  10. 1st: Toad Eye, Such a wonderful character design.

    2nd: Krik the Knifer: Embodies so much of what a kobold is.

    3rd: Venerable Jikook of Bluerock

  11. 1st: Venerable Jikook – dark and interesting. Great detail and compelling character.

    2nd: Krik – likeness to the normal kobold fodder I slaughter

    3rd: Toadeye – good piece, nice color

  12. After viewing all the pics jikook should be 1st. Krik in a close second. Toadeye in Third. Malena in 4th. They were all wonderful pics and all the artists should be very proud of themselves.

  13. Hey everyone! Thanks for your votes!

    Keep in mind that comments don’t count as votes. You need to click on the hyperlink in the text up top!

    Again, good luck everyone!

  14. Hard to choose between the dual-wielding scrapper and the magic user. Both are impressively rendered, and exhibit fine kobold traits. They are also both standalone images that could easily be used as a magazine/website graphic, like our friend at the top of this very article, and his monochrome buddy to the upper right.

    In the end, I would honestly choose Toad Eye. The coloring makes him pop out at the viewer, and the style of the drawing possesses a dynamic that separates it from your typical fantasy drawing.

    Best of luck to all the artists!

  15. I totally agree with most of the votes…Krik the Knifer (love the name btw) oughta win it. This illustration just grabs the attention and has a story to tell i’d be interested in hearing about. This really does nail what a kobold is at heart, cowardly without its backup, that pose says it all.

    I guess second should be Jikook of Bluerock for the pro paint job.

    Third should be Toad Eye…although this one does not look like a mining dirty kobold, it’s very dynamic and fun.

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