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Iron Gazetteer Brings the Mountain!

Iron Gazetteer Brings the Mountain!

Come hear the tale of the mountain! Of stone and of dirt. Of gold and of iron. Of family and of drink. The Iron Gazetteer has come!

The Iron Gazetteer is the 4th Edition sourcebook that details the dwarves and their mountain cantons.

Fighting, mining, smithing, drinking. Who would argue against the simple life? But secrets run deep, and a guarded mysticism pervades even seemingly staid dwarven traditions, including communion with ancestors and an arcane knowledge of the earth.

The Iron Gazetteer takes you deep within the stony realms where only darkness and the steady rhythm of the hammer guide you…

  • History of the dwarven cantons and their diaspora from the north
  • Locations and hazards both on and under the mountain
  • Classes, paragon paths, and feats
  • Gods and places of power of the dwarves
  • Skill challenges
  • Enough new monsters to dull even dwarven steel!

Raise a drink and unite in song for those who dare the mountain! So order the pdf version or the print version of Iron Gazetteer today, and it will be shipped to you immediately.

Don’t forget that the dwarves also gave up many of their secrets to 3rd Edition fans as well with Dwarves of the Ironcrags (pdf and print), still available.

3 thoughts on “Iron Gazetteer Brings the Mountain!”

  1. Other than being 4E, how different is this from Dwarves of the Ironcrags? Is this new content or just a 4E conversion?

  2. It’s mostly new content: the base classes, paragon paths, feats, and epic destinies are all new and 4E-specific elements.

    Likewise the tombs and skill challenges are new and 4E-specific.

    Finally, several of the monsters were created for the 4E Halls of the Mountain King and are new.

    It’s about 75% new, at a guess. The lore section is the same as Ironcrags.

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