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Hiring Update: Kym Weiler

Hiring Update: Kym Weiler

Some thrilling news is spreading around the warrens! Starting today, I will be the new Sales Manager of Kobold Press, and I cannot contain my excitement! I am passionate about sales and marketing, and I look forward to placing a variety of shinies into your powerful kobold hands!

My name is Kym Weiler, and I have almost 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, and product distribution. Prior to the pandemic, I was a Training Manager for the men’s casual clothing company Haggar Clothing Co. I prided myself in helping to tailor our products to each individual client, to ensure a happy, lifelong customer. The success of my store and my talented sales team drew the attention of the district manager and even the CEO. As such, I spent the last year traveling between various store locations, helping to hire, train, and increase the productivity of the sales teams all over the country. Although my store was another casualty of the pandemic, it allowed me to focus my attention on finding a new position selling products that I’m passionate about. I had the opportunity to work with Kobold Press at this past Gen Con in Indianapolis and thrived on the convention floor.

I’m an avid TTRPG player, and I tend to plan my weekly schedules around the various RPG and Arkham Horror: The Card Game campaigns that I’m actively participating in. My favorite part of roleplaying games is the worldbuilding, which I love to watch unfold from the chair as my player character. When provided with imaginative campaign-building material, a GM unfolds a world of magic, mystery, and mayhem to entrance their players. As such, the opportunity to help get Kobold products into the hands of players and GMs is no less than my dream job.

I will be the new face leading the set-up, sales, and marketing at upcoming conventions, and I can’t wait to travel around the world, bringing Kobold products into your eager little claws. In between conventions, I will be working fervently behind the scenes to ensure that all players receive quality products and be answering all questions about Kobold. My favorite part of sales is identifying the needs of my client and finding the appropriate product to make them happy. Are you a first-time GM needing to spice up your dungeon crawls? Maybe the Tome of Beasts would go nicely on your bookshelf. Looking to build your own world but don’t know exactly how? Check out our Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding. Every step of the process, I’ll be there to answer your questions, both in person and virtually, about Kobold Press and our products. See you minions at Pax Unplugged 2021!

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