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Iä, iä…

Iä, iä, iä, iä, iä, iä…!

The stars have never been so right, my fellow doomsayers. Mwa-ha-ha!

For in my hands, I hold Deep Magic: Void Magic. Just now, it fell from the sky and—tee hee—landed at my feet.  Oh dear, I’m so excited. Ultimate power, do you understand? It’s now—ha ha—available in the Kobold store.

It whispers, you know. To me. We are of one mind, after all. I can see it all now. I’ve met… them. Things may have been set in motion—we can never speak of this again.

It shows me the way. It is the gate.  It says more are needed to free the world. You. Do you also see? Come, you will be my favorite!


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