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Haunted Items: Lucky Wishing Stone

Haunted Items: Lucky Wishing Stone

Haunted items are magical curios inhabited by a soul, typically the soul of their former owner or someone with a close connection to the item.

The soul has its own thoughts and motivations, and often unfinished business keeps them tethered to the item.

The soul may communicate with the item’s new owner, empathically, telepathically, or as a manifestation, and may even demand the new owner complete a quest.

Characters who help a spirit achieve their goals might lay the spirit to rest, and perhaps increase the power of the haunted item in the process!

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Brianna Rosenettle/Granny Rosenettle’s Lucky Wishing Stone

Wondrous Item, Legendary (Requires Attunement by a Creature of Good Alignment)

This wishing stone is a pretty purple pebble, roughly the diameter of a gold coin. While one side is rough, the other is worn smooth, with a slight divot in the center. Upon close inspection, the opaque stone reveals flecks of gold, and the surface shimmers slightly as if coated in iridescent powder.

This stone was found by Brianna Rosenettle, a halfling, when she was only a young girl. Brianna and her family lived downriver from a mining operation that worked the mountains for precious ore. The children of the nearby farms enjoyed searching the riverbed for items carried off by the current, and were occasionally paid if they discovered something of worth. On one such venture, Brianna found the stone half-buried in the silt on the bank of the river. Struck by its beauty, she squirreled it away in her pocket.

Later that day, as she ran home with the other children, Brianna dropped the stone somewhere along the way. When she got home and discovered it missing, she was distraught, and demanded she be allowed to go search for it. When she retraced her steps, she discovered the stone on the side of a busy crossroads—and just beside it, a platinum coin coated in the dust and grime of the road.

After that, Brianna was convinced the stone was good luck, and kept it on her at all times. She developed a habit of rubbing it when she was nervous, or when she was wishing for good luck or a positive outcome, her thumb eventually wearing one side of the stone smooth.

Brianna lived a long life, telling her kids, grandkids and, eventually, great-grandkids tales of all the times the stone helped her along the way. Though no one in her family ever quite believed the stone was real magic, Granny Rosenettle’s lucky wishing stone became a family heirloom, passed down through generations.

Throughout the years, various tales of the stone’s potential origin have been told and retold—in some stories, it was a piece of magical ore from the mine that floated downstream; in others, a hag or a faerie princess or a great enchantress created it and threw it in the river; and in still others, it was Granny Rosenettle herself who imbued the stone with its magical properties.

Properties. This shimmering purple stone is roughly the size of a gold coin and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. When attuned to this stone, once a day you may reroll an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, using the new roll. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until the next dawn.

Sentience. Granny Rosenettle’s lucky wishing stone is a sentient chaotic good item possessed by the spirit of Brianna Rosenettle. It has an Intelligence of 12, a Wisdom of 14, and a Constitution of 16. It has hearing and vision out to 120 feet.

The item can understand any spoken language, and can communicate telepathically with its owner via images and emotional impressions.

Personality. The lucky wishing stone exudes a feeling of warmth, laugher, and comfort, along with a hint of playfulness. The stone enjoys tricks and practical jokes, as long as they are harmless, and has a soft spot for children and animals. It likes wild tales, adventures, treasure, and the fey. If consulted for advice, it prods its owner into whatever path would the most interesting or make the best story.

If its owner is good-aligned, the stone wants them to be safe, but not at the cost of living an amazing life. If its owner is evil-aligned, the stone withholds its gifts and refuses to communicate with them.

Goals. The stone wants to be taken on adventures. It wants to see the world, meet interesting people, and experience things it has never experienced. A number of milestones unlock additional features of the stone.

Adventure Awaits. The lucky wishing stone wants to have adventures, but has a few things that it specifically would love to experience. They include the following events.

  • Travel to the Feywild.
  • Meet a hag.
  • Fly on the back of a dragon.
  • Rescue a princess.

To allow the stone to experience these events, you must be attuned to it and have it in your possession when the event occurs. For each adventure above that is fulfilled, an additional property of the stone is unlocked. You gain access to these new properties, in addition to any others already available.

  • When you have fulfilled one of the above adventures, you gain a +1 bonus to ability checks and saving throws made while this stone is on your person.
  • When you have fulfilled two of the above adventures, you may reroll an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw 3 times instead of 1. Once you use this feature 3 times, you cannot use it again until the next dawn.
  • When you have fulfilled three of the above adventures, you can use an action to expend 1 of the stone’s 3 charges to cast the wish spell from it. When the last charge is expended, this property can no longer be used.

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