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From the Ashes: Olympia Ferrymantle

From the Ashes: Olympia Ferrymantle

For reincarnated characters who aren’t brought back from the dead with magic, the journey to understand one’s past, present, and future can be a driving force. The dwarven scout, Olympia Ferrymantle, is one such character.

Olympia makes her bones as a guide on daring expeditions. Young, but possessing sharp instincts and uncanny intuition, few can argue her value to a venture into the wild. Those who witness her skill in woodcraft and the bow remark that she moves as if blessed by Sif herself.

Some even half-joke that Olympia is the Saint Regina reborn (see St. Regina of the Bow). (Substitute in any huntress god from your own game). Olympia responds with modesty, waving off proclamations of divinity and blessings as mere apple-polish.

Olympia in Your Game

Olympia can appear across several tiers, growing in her backstory as the PCs progress.

Olympia in Low-Tier Games

Olympia is a great fit for first-tier parties who need expert aid in traversing the wilderness or embarking on expeditions. To use Olympia in an encounter at the first tier of play (levels 1–4), treat her as a scout with an additional ability:


Miracle of Remembrance (3/Day). Olympia taps into her extraordinary intuition to gain advantage on one ability check or weapon attack.

Olympia in Mid-Tier Games

After receiving augury from a nosy circle of druids who hired her guidance through the Broken Reeds, Olympia’s perspective has begun to shift.

Her druidic clients freely shared their doctrine. And during an act of meditation with them, Olympia felt something wake within her. After her time with these clients concluded, the young dwarf felt transformed, as if a veil had been lifted. Olympia discovered a kernel of truth to all the half-jokes and comparisons to Saint Regina.

Though her self-realization expanded, Olympia had more questions than answers about her place in the world.

Olympia Later in Your Game

At a later point in her career, Olympia has strengthened her connection to her past life, bridging the metaphysical to manifest abilities never seen before. Even as she grows more powerful, Olympia also grows more contentious. This new perspective makes her more willing to fight, and more capable of it as she seeks to replicate the deeds of St. Regina. Olympia hopes that by retracing her predecessor’s steps, she might shake something loose within.

Use the stat block below to make Olympia a challenge for players and foes alike.

Olympia Ferrymantle

Medium humanoid (dwarf), neutral good
Armor Class 16 (studded leather armor)
Hit Points 97 (13d8 + 39)
Speed 30 ft.

STR   DEX   CON   INT     WIS    CHA
11 (+0)18 (+4)17 (+3)11 (+0)16 (+3)11 (+0)

Saving Throws Dex +7, Wis +6
Skills Nature +3, Perception +6, Stealth +7, Survival +6
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 16
Languages Common and Dwarvish
Challenge 7 (1,800 XP)         Proficiency Bonus +3

Keen Hearing and Sight. Olympia has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or sight.


Multiattack. Olympia makes two melee attacks or two ranged attacks.

Shortsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d6 + 4) piercing damage.

Longbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 150/600 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (1d8 + 4) piercing damage.

Second Self (1/Day). Olympia manifests a spectral form of a past life and forms a temporary, spiritual bond with it. The Second Self emerges from Olympia to an empty space 5 feet away and acts at the end of Olympia’s turn. While the Second Self is within 60 feet of Olympia she has resistance to all damage and advantage on saving throws. The Second Self has AC 16 and has the same bonus actions, attacks, and reactions as Olympia although any damage it deals is force damage. The Second Self lasts for 1 minute or until it takes damage.


Miracle of Remembrance (3/Day). Olympia taps into her extraordinary intuition to gain advantage on one ability check or weapon attack.


Karmic Rebuke. After Olympia is targeted with an action (such as Attack, Cast a Spell, or Use an Object) that she can see, she can force her attacker to make a Charisma saving throw. On a failure, Olympia curses the target, making the target unable to use that action again for 1 minute. If the action that triggered Karmic Rebuke dealt damage to Olympia, her attacker has disadvantage on their saving throw. A cursed target can repeat their saving throw at the end of their turn to end the effect.

Adventure Hooks

These hooks can involve your PCs with Olympia. Keep in mind that learning about the life of Saint Regina drives Olympia far more than money or glory.

Sinking Sheeps. Peltzenheim, City of Furs has suffered a sinkhole problem that has swallowed up herds of sheep and their shepherds, and even a few manors. The childhood home of St. Regina has even plummeted into the abyss below. The sheep can still be heard lowing from within the sinkholes. Olympia, the PCs, and other less reputable adventurers have been called upon to mount a rescue and salvage effort before Peltzenheim’s entire livelihood is sunk.

Bow’s Calling. A search for the lost relic, bow of the faithful warrior, has put the PCs at odds with Olympia Ferrymantle as everyone races to confront the giant who claims to have it. The giant, a son of the legendary jotun (see Tome of Beasts), commands a small army of hobgoblins and publically promises to fracture the bow in homage to its late predecessors on a nearing auspicious holiday; St. Regina’s death anniversary.

The Saint’s Path. Greenkindeth, the last scion of slain green dragon, Lookingdeath, has come into its own as a terror of the woodlands. Bounties on the dragon’s head attract monster hunters and glory seekers. Olympia also answers the call, though she needs fellow dragon slayers to bring the beast low.


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