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The Empire is here!!!

Citizens of the free city of Zobeck are going missing! Catacombs beneath the streets may provide answers, but what lurks in them may not enjoy company…

Who will uncover and stop the foul and ghoulish workings? Will your adventurers have the fortitude and ambition—or the greed and cunning—it takes to put a stop to them?

Empire of the Ghouls is a complete campaign for characters level 1 to 13 for the 5th edition of the world’s first RPG, with over 350 pages of adventure. It includes a gazetteer detailing the Ghoul Imperium in the depths of the Underworld—complete with map—and appendices loaded with new cults, creatures, magic items, and NPCs.

Sharpen your blade and conjure your magical light to root out the foulness below the earth!


The Underworld Player’s Guide and Underworld Lairs and the Roll20 Marketplace packages:

Not All Heroes Wear Shining Armor!

New backgrounds, subclasses, spells, trinkets, Underworld beasts, cults, adventures and so much more, adding layers of grime and death to any game!

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