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Courts of the Shadow Fey!

The stand-out adventure of shadowy fey and courtly intrigue, Courts of the Shadow Fey is now available on Roll20. And it has lots of cool, deluxe components included:

  • Over a hundred hours of game preparation
  • 65 full-art tokens with click-to-roll character sheets.
  • 12 fully dynamically lit maps with openable doors and object based lighting
  • Fully interlinked module handouts allowing GMs to jump between references
  • “Multi-sided” tokens for shapeshifters and other creatures that appear in disguise.
  • “Revealable” traps on the GM layer
  • Rollable tables with custom macros for each table in the adventure

Courts of the Shadow Fey Map

This map is 1,300 contiguous feet across, featuring the whole of the courts with all of the tokens placed and fully dynamically lit, including lantern dragonettes that dynamically light the map as they move. All combined, it creates a pretty interesting spectacle from the point of the view of the players:

Status Tracker

There’s also a status tracker built into the Roll20 interface to help players and GMs track their player’s progress through the game. This sort of communal tracking is a fabulous addition:

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