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Courts of the Shadow Fey Now Available on Roll20

Courts of the Shadow Fey Now Available on Roll20

Courts of the Shadow Fey!

The stand-out adventure of shadowy fey and courtly intrigue, Courts of the Shadow Fey is now available on Roll20. And it has lots of cool, deluxe components included:

  • Over a hundred hours of game preparation
  • 65 full-art tokens with click-to-roll character sheets.
  • 12 fully dynamically lit maps with openable doors and object based lighting
  • Fully interlinked module handouts allowing GMs to jump between references
  • “Multi-sided” tokens for shapeshifters and other creatures that appear in disguise.
  • “Revealable” traps on the GM layer
  • Rollable tables with custom macros for each table in the adventure

Courts of the Shadow Fey Map

This map is 1,300 contiguous feet across, featuring the whole of the courts with all of the tokens placed and fully dynamically lit, including lantern dragonettes that dynamically light the map as they move. All combined, it creates a pretty interesting spectacle from the point of the view of the players:

Status Tracker

There’s also a status tracker built into the Roll20 interface to help players and GMs track their player’s progress through the game. This sort of communal tracking is a fabulous addition:

3 thoughts on “Courts of the Shadow Fey Now Available on Roll20”

  1. Is this adventure set prior to the events in the Midgard Worldbook? I’m looking to use this after my players get through some more Margreve adventures and want to know how much adaptation would be needed if the timeline is off.

  2. The events in this adventure do not presume a very active interaction between the Shadowfey in Zobeck and the general populace… I would say the period between this adventure and the Worldbook is unclear, but!

    But modifying it would not be difficult. You would just adjust the inciting event to be the anniversary or expiration or requirement of the renewal of a treaty between the previous kings of House Stross and Zobeck, and the Shadowfey. The Shadowfey come to renew the treaty with a signature from the long-dead king’s successor, and discover then that the King of House Stross is deposed and the monarchy is no more. Then, it doesn’t matter when your campaign is set, because the triggering events are external and arbitrary, and now you can operate in the current day without worrying about contradicting anything. Winter’s Kiss is still mostly hidden in the Worldbook (and the Zobeck Gazetteer, IIRC) so you can proceed with the events in the adventure without heartache.

    But Ben! Wouldn’t the Shadowfey already know the King is dead? Shouldn’t they have done this long before, like when they increased trade with Zobeck?

    Yes, they’d know, but No, that’s not how faeries work– traditionally, they only act when the conditions *permit* them to act. They can’t just come in, willy nilly, and declare their intentions because they want to– they need to be allowed to do so, and lack of a king combined with the preexisting treaty which requires a signature between the two regents is just the trick.

    Thus, with this little bit of plotline-gymnastics, you can run it without worry about when your Midgard campaign is set.

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