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Collection of Curiosities: Trapped Within the Sphere of Regret

Collection of Curiosities: Trapped Within the Sphere of Regret

Florimell's Flight by Washington AllstonLore calls this item the “sphere of regret.” But what does that mean? And why is the lore so varied about what the sphere actually contains? Perhaps your adventurers will find out when they physically interact with the sphere in some manner. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. It’s a shame that you feel as if you are suffering from the worst hangover ever—without having imbibed one drop of alcohol. Perhaps next time you’ll listen to the tales that speak about this aspect of the sphere better?
  2. Every single memory you have focuses on one or more things that you regret having done or said. Even the happiest ones. The amount of remorse you now bear is overwhelming. Can you go on? What can you do to regain your former emotional health?
  3. The feylike creature trapped inside the glowing sphere giggles softly as it grows, then with a burst of pink rose petals, it is gone. The petals form the following message on the ground: I will slay Regret now! Thank you! (You have a bad feeling about this. GM Note: Perhaps this little fey creature starts small by removing regret from everyone in a nearby village first. Feel free to explore the role that regret has in humanity.)
  4. A feeling of relaxation and contentment washes over you, and a voice intones: You will never feel relaxed again until you have addressed and rectified any situation in which you had cause to feel regret. The relaxation fades. (GMs may want to ask a player or all players to write down a number of things their characters might regret before using this one. Then weave the regrets into any plot you have in play. You may wish to introduce short bursts of relaxation after a regretful situation is rectified, plus provide temporary mechanical bonuses.)
  5. The bronze clockwork spherical creature in front of you has these words etched into it: Revolutionary Evolutionary Gratuitous Relational Energetic Time Sphere. You have no idea what this thing does. And now it’s following you.
  6. This sphere looks like an orb of light that changes colors continually. Touching it leaves one with a gooey substance that matches the color of the sphere at the time touched. It also provides one with the ability to see only in shades of that color for an unknown duration. Additionally, for the next 1d4 minutes, anyone or anything you touch with the goo turns into a slime monster of that hue for 1d8 rounds and attacks any living creatures near it.
  7. You no longer have control over how you move. For the next 10 rounds, your mode of movement goes in this progression, whether you can actually move in that manner or not: walking, running, swimming, burrowing, flying, jummping. So, in round one, you walk. Round two, you run. Round three, you swim, and so on. If that movement mode is not possible, you teleport 1d4 x 5 ft. away from your starting point in a random direction.
  8. You feel as if you regret every meal you’ve ever eaten right now. Uncontrollably so. Especially the spicier ones.
  9. You now have a chorus of singers singing about every act that you personally regret at a random point for 10 minutes every 24 hours. Others around you can hear these singers unless you actively concentrate on quieting them. (GMs should consider this a curse and allow it to be removed as one.)
  10. For 1d4 hours, you enjoy the spectacle of seeing every potential decision you make as being one that leads to terrible, terrible regret. (GM Note: This doesn’t have to be the case. Feel free to play with perception vs. reality here.)
  11. After absorbing this sphere, every 1d12 months, you have one opportunity to right something that you regretted. You are not alone, though, since more than one such orb exists at any given moment—each time you decide to right that wrong, you are thwarted by someone who seeks to do the same thing, but who might be opposed to your preferred outcome. (GMs can make this an NPC that adds conflict to the game or use this as a good way to get a new PC into the game.
  12. You are now a magnet for undead beings who seek forgiveness after doing something they regretted and who died while doing so. Do you help them? Or do you try to ignore them and thus gain a larger and larger following of restless undead creatures in your entourage. (GMs are encouraged to decide whether only the affected PC sees this or if everyone does [or a variation based on the restless undead in question].) You gain an interesting trinket after you help each undead creature find final rest.

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