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The Art of Skirmishing: Why We Fight

The first step of creating any successful skirmish is to set compelling stakes and objectives for that skirmish and to communicate them clearly to the players. The worst-case scenario for a skirmish is the players not caring about the outcome of the fight or not understanding what they need to do to effect that outcome. In a deathmatch, this is handled for you. If you lose, you’re dead. If you win, you’re not. The stakes and, generally...

The Art of Skirmishing: To the Death

You could not call such bloodshed a victory. Dwarven pike had met draconic spear wall, neither buckling until lines were met. Hradakh had been in the thick of it, stabbing his way through the brutal melee, and when the fighting stopped, he and his dragonborn kin held the field. What few of them had survived anyway. The field was carpeted in blood and bodies, and perhaps one in three of his comrades stood unaided. Another victory like this and...

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