RangerIn Kobold Quarterly #11, Marc Radle presented his new Pathfinder RPG base class, the spell-less ranger. Just as it sounds, this ranger variant strips the spellcasting abilities from the ranger while expanding on its other abilities.

Along with the new class, Marc also designed character sheet pages—usable with the standard ranger or the new spell-less ranger—that extend existing character sheets with sections for favored enemies, favored terrains, and detailed animal companions.

This tracking sheet was included as a pdf and bundled with the Kobold Quarterly #11 pdf, but we wanted to make it available to everyone. Here it is:

Ranger Tracking Sheet

I think you’ll find it incredibly useful no matter what kind of ranger you play.

And since the spell-less ranger has been so popular among KQ readers, we want to give you more base classes. What other base classes would you like to see?

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