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Bonus Ranger Tracking Sheet

Bonus Ranger Tracking Sheet

RangerIn Kobold Quarterly #11, Marc Radle presented his new Pathfinder RPG base class, the spell-less ranger. Just as it sounds, this ranger variant strips the spellcasting abilities from the ranger while expanding on its other abilities.

Along with the new class, Marc also designed character sheet pages—usable with the standard ranger or the new spell-less ranger—that extend existing character sheets with sections for favored enemies, favored terrains, and detailed animal companions.

This tracking sheet was included as a pdf and bundled with the Kobold Quarterly #11 pdf, but we wanted to make it available to everyone. Here it is:

Ranger Tracking Sheet

I think you’ll find it incredibly useful no matter what kind of ranger you play.

And since the spell-less ranger has been so popular among KQ readers, we want to give you more base classes. What other base classes would you like to see?

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17 thoughts on “Bonus Ranger Tracking Sheet”

  1. You know, a spell-less paladin is something that I have been thinking about actually …

    I have a few new things brewing right now, including a new take on cleric domains and a new Pathfinder base class that I probably should not reveal yet that is in final playtest right now … hopefully these will see the light of day soon …

  2. This might be a little much for a variant but I would like to see a non-wild shaping Druid. Also why should the base classes have all the fun? I would like to see some variants of the Prestige Classes from the core rule book as well. Instead of a Dragon Disciple how about an Elemental Disciple.

  3. Just getting ready to start my first PFRPG game and am using this variant as opposed to the normal one. Also, perhaps not surprisingly, I do not allow the Paladin class. The divine knight just is not evocative.

    Will probably use the cavalier in its place.

    Either way — good stuff here.

  4. Can you find out which varants are going into the APG book? Then work on anything they are not to fill in any leftover gaps.

    Other than that, I’d like to see a spell-less paladin. And how about specialist wizards that take the specialty to the next level and ultra specialize in their school? (like the old master specialist PrC)

  5. @blope Not sure that Paizo’s ready to spill the beans on their plans for variants, yet, but you can bet we’d be interested in filling any gaps. As for specialist wizards, I’m TOTALLY with you. I love the idea of “spell purists.” I will absolutely be re-inventing my phantasm class from KQ#1 at some point for PRPG, along with a couple other similar casters.

  6. Well, they did spill the beans on a lot of the class in the APG and made them available for public playtest: Cavalier, Oracle, Alchemist, Inquisitor, Summoner, and Witch.

    You will certainly see more Pathfinder variants from KQ in future — lots of good options in the comments here!

  7. It makes sense that a pure spellcaster (WIZ, SOR, CLR) can ultra-specialize… we’ve got a pure Evoker (adapted from 2e) in our current game. With Buff spells from the Cleric and a tank as the front-runner, the party is almost Juggernaught quality.

    I’d like to see the old 2e and 1e Illusionists again.

  8. @Iceshard I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved the 1e and 2e Illusionist! It’s a tough class because it requires a lot of player initiative and a lot of careful DM rulings.

  9. in the ranger talents it says you can’t take an individual talent more than once but under the ranger feat it says “Instead of a talent, the ranger may choose a feat ” so can you take this feat more than once?

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